Gathering people from a competitive industry

Hi all! Happy new year!

I was going through my reading backlog and went through this article on members being competitive vs cooperative.

I think it will be a bit difficult to get members to open up when they are in competitive spaces and they may feel uptight inside the community.

If you were given this challenge of gathering members from a competitive industry, how do you shift the environment from being competitive to cooperative? From a mindset of scarcity to abundance… How would you show them that there is a space for everyone to thrive.


This issue is tricky, and may also depend on whether your top level content is fully public or partially private. It might be easier to get them to feel comfortable if you provide some spaces that are private to members only, where they can let their hair down a bit.

The other imperative is to figure out ways to encourage/incentivize anyone who does venture to share something valuable. Modeling the behavior and highlighting it might lure others to do it as well.

And one other thing I’ve seen done in this situation is to hide company names (just use usernames). Not sure if you’re able to do this, but giving the members some anonymity might help too.