Gamifying Online Communities


(Sarah Hawk) #21

And tiny!

(remah) #22

So do you agree that the badge effect has greater impact on high reputation, high commitment users?

… in agreement with previous studies that showed the badge effect depends on the quality of users.

(Justin Veenema) #23

Follow up question to this thread - has anyone found a workable gasification system for Discourse specifically? Would love to put something in place, but our team is hesitant to move forward with anything manual.

Our previous Community platform, GetSatisfaction, had a basic gamification system built in and it was actually quite effective in keeping engagement levels up. I’ve searched through and from what I can tell, they have no plans to add any further gamification to their platform.

Happy to hear any thoughts on this! :confused:

(Jen Blanford) #24

Our community plans to start using badges at some point, but that may take a while to implement as we determine qualifications, names for the levels, etc. That said, we would also like to start posting our leaderboard lists for various categories. That seems like a quick and easy way to acknowledge active members. It’s also one we can pretty much implement without too much planning. The only thing is that I need some help with wording. What are some key words or phrases you would include as an introduction to that thread each month? I’m thinking a few sentences that explains what it is before posting the actual lists.

(Jordan Dayton) #25

I’m looking forward to the blog post ツ

We incorporated a lot of similar tactics and strategies in a couple JiveX communities that I built, and noticed similar results. I’d love to hear/see your thoughts and considerations for devising your points economy. I’m a one man band as I’m laying the groundwork for a new community, using Telligent, and I could use some advice on this front!

(Chris Detzel) #26

@jordan_dayton we use Telligent as well and looking at implementing badges and leaderboard in a more strategic way. I have no answers as of now, but would be interested in what you are thinking and how you implement your points and badges