Gamifications for superusers and in general

Hello people

I was looking for some help with regards to superuser programs which will promote superuser participation on the forum and keep them engaged.

I would appreciate some ideas and thoughts about it.


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Hi and welcome Trooper

It is a good question, and there will be no definite answer, but I am sure there’s already a wealth of information on this forum to get you started - have you tried searching for it?

Some might be dated so you could start a new topic referencing it, but we should at least make the effort we expect of our own participants by searching and reading before asking others to spend time writing or searching - no?

Hi @thirstforwine

Thanks for the welcome!

I am new here, and I read a few discussions about badges etc but these are old school.

Is there something like a reward program or similar that I can find here? If you could direct me there it will help.


hey @troopergear we recently hosted a webinar with @jake_mckee on Super User programs which may have all the info you need


Thank you @Adrian :smile:

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