Gamification strategies and framework

(Dale Reardon) #1

I have created a community on WordPress using BuddyPress and BBPress and am just reviewing the possibilities with the Badge OS system and its integration with Credly for badges and recognition.

Does anyone have a table / spreadsheet of their strategy that you can share? For example what you give points for and how many points to reach each level of recognition and what those levels might be called?

Obviously want to reward participation in the most effective ways.


(Sarah Hawk) #2

What specific behaviours do you want to encourage, Dale?

Edit: I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve edited your title because I think it will attract more views.

(Dale Reardon) #3

As you say in your articles somewhere I am sure - you know your community best so title edit is welcome.

I guess as we are starting out we want to encourage engagement, involvement and referral to friends. You need to start getting activity in the community as otherwise it will look empty and dead to new people.


(Shreyas) #4

Participation & engagement are two key components of a community. I don’t have a table or spreadsheet, but I’d love to share some strategies we implemented:

  • Engagement:
    Some of the most common practices in communities are the “Introduce yourself” thread. We’ve used that in our community and got some engagement because it was linked on our on-boarding emails. Apart from that, we’ve done weekly contests, most helpful member, most active member of the week etc. We rewarded them with Amazon gift cards. One of our most active engagement strategy that worked really well was during Christmas. We created an account for Santa and he would ask 5 questions throughout the day. We picked daily winners & sent them Christmas cakes to their office/home. Although these only cost as much as the gift cards, community members were really happy about it and we got to do some branding on the cake as well. (win-win):slight_smile:
  • Involvement:
    To get people involved, we depended on the :heart:️ feature. We counted the number of :heart:️’s that people got and rewarded them every week as the most helpful member (@hawk does that here too). We also did member spotlights & interviews that got a lot of eyeballs because people started to share their story on their personal networks. These members end up doing a small AMA on the community after people read their story and ask questions. Apart from that, our moderators who keep an eye out on every discussion on our platforms shares a spreadsheet where they document an instance where a community member has been really helpful to another.
  • Referrals:
    We didn’t want to incetivise members by giving them a money equivalent. So we partnered with other products/services company and worked out deals with them and we were able to give our members some benefits. We also pushed out an in app CTA’s if they’ve launched the app more than 3 times in a day with a message on the lines of- Belong is more fun with your friends in it & while they create new discussions to "Invite your friends to join this discussion."
    We also experiemented with an Ambassador program. They were in charge of growing their community, so I guess that could be counted as referrals.

Also, I found this talk by @richard_millington to be a great resource and realized many mistakes that we did in our community(starting with the introduce yourself thread) :wink:
Doing, Thinking, Feeling, Fearing is a great mantra to live by while engaging communities.

(Sarah Hawk) #5

This topic (specifically the video) might be valuable @dalereardon

(Delfin Vassallo) #6

As already mentioned by others: which are the behaviours you want to trigger? I’d say you need to have this clear FIRST, then go and look out for what piece of technology best serves your strategy.

The problem with using add-ons built on top of WordPress, combining and hacking things, is scalability. At some point, there’s a glass ceiling you cannot go through and at that point you’ll need to change technology (if not platform), so think about the long term, just sayin’ :relaxed: