Gamification benchmarks - what would you include?


(Richard Millington) #1

Hey everyone,

One of the few projects I’m working on at the moment is to benchmark and compare the best gamification programs from online communities.

I’d love to get any of your opinions on what attributes you expect to see in a gamification program and how to distinguish the best from average. I’m thinking at the moment of:

  • Gamification levels displayed in multiple places.
  • Steadily escalating gamification level + no ‘top’ level.
  • Connected to separate MVP program.
  • Gamification based upon quantity, quality, and speciality expertise.
  • Portable reputation?
  • Clearly documented and explained.
  • Perks and rewards connected to gamification level.

Is there anything else I’m missing here?

(Mark Finnern) #2

How could we measure gamification system that is a little perk, but doesn’t get in the way of the true goal of the community like helping fellow members?

Gamification is lovely as a little side thing. As soon as it gets center stage and point hunting starts it has a tendency to take the community in a direction that many of the best members don’t like. I heard that below 10% of members are motivated by leaderboards … The helper types, that you really want get discouraged and leave because of the point hunting.

Clear badges for good community behaviour are much preferred. Like member organizes an event, gets an Event Organizer Badge. Ideally that badge links back to that event so people can see that it is legit.

Interested in the best communities with points system.