Game Theory, Dating Apps, and Saving LinkedIn

(Richard Millington) #1

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Spend a few minutes to read this article.

A lot of sites are about matchmaking. A buyer/seller/recruiter/expert/someone wanting to get noticed is looking for the right partner.

Most suffer from the same fatal flaw. Too many of one group are flooding too few of the other group with too many (poor quality) messages. This ruins the experience for everyone (Hello LinkedIn).

The ideas aren’t revolutionary, but are worth refreshing:

  1. Limit the number of messages one group can send. This can be done either by absolute numbers (e.g. 50 messages), charging per message, setting a limited number without a response,…

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(Frank Field) #2

Ya’ know… I’m gonna have to learn not to click some links while the boss is standing behind me. “How Game Theory Improves Dating Apps” certainly got me a raised eyebrow.
Good thing I wasn’t working from home while my wife looked on! :slight_smile:

How are you suggesting these “rules” apply to a community? In mine, it’s primarily a support deflection community. So there’s no limit to the number of “matches” we want to see: matching question with answer or confused customer with knowledgeable member. Maybe I’m missing something here…