Fun online activitiy in a professional community


(Tanya Gorbunova) #1

Hi All,

I plan to set up a sport related online event in my community (together with the Olympic Games in Feb). Possible tasks that I keep in mind:

  • show a photo of the Olympic symbol (five interlaced rings) made from healthy food
  • show a photo when you are doing a plank in an unusual place in the office
  • show a photo of your victory pose

The issue is that my community is full of engineers and technical guys. They are introverts in most cases. I’m not sure how they will react to such tasks.

Please share your thoughts about setting up a such event in a professional community.

(Osioke Itseuwa) #2

Have you done other fun related activities in your community before now?

You can use their response to those events as a way to ‘guess’ their reaction to this one.

(Laurenfaye512) #3

I think @sprime brings up a great point. It really depends on what type of culture your community has

You might need to ease a more professional, buttoned-up community into these types of things and start with very easy, low effort asks.

Also, what’s the goal here? To increase engagement? Will there be a winner?

(Tanya Gorbunova) #4

We have never done such tasks before. I did several online events last year. However, the tasks were very technical.

The goal is to engage lurkers. When setting up technical events, technical and popular people from the community are always leaders. Thus, I think if I do something that everybody can do, this will help lurkers get into the community smoothly and start participating in technical events after.

There will be three winners and medals :slight_smile: