Freelance Community and Social Media Manager needed at Better Century


Hope it’s OK to post a job we’re advertising at Better Century. We are also looking for a small amount of consultancy support for strategy so PM me if you think you can help!

Check out the advert below and apply through Better Century.


Wow! 10 pounds per hour. You really take communitymanagement seriously! Good luck, you will need it.


You would probably get more traffic by hosting over at CMXHub on their Facebook page or Slack group, they tend to have a larger and more active gathering of CM professionals.

@bettercenturytom yes if it was £10 per hour that is extremely low. I can’t imagine anyone with experience going for it.

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Thanks guys… I know, we’re pressed financially so that’s all we have… I know it’s not the right amount… however…

We have recruited a strategist to help support the work of the Community and Social Media Manager who has over 10 years experience in Social Media Consultancy with the likes of Netflix and Diesel.

We were very lucky to recruit two amazing people to help, who strongly believe in our mission and the difference we can make… Better Century could be a game changer and that is reflected in the fact we had over 100 applications for this job…