Free Marketing automation

(Robert McIntosh) #1

In case you missed it - could be useful and save some budget

Am right in the middle of working out how I am going to manage this, so particularly relevant for me, and maybe it can help others - I know there is an excellent post on here by @hawk on automation as well to supplement this.

Any thoughts on automation for Discourse users not authenticating via Wordpress would be happily received :slight_smile:

(Sarah Hawk) #2

@JoeBuhlig might have thoughts on how this could work.
@erlend_sh do you know if others are doing it?

(JoeBuhlig) #3

Most of the automation I’ve done on my Discourse instances involves plugins I’ve written. The fun one I have is a bot that encourages/discourages people on the site. Another imports topics from an RSS feed. I recently built one for a client that tracks almost every action taken on Discourse in There’s quite a bit you can do if you’re a developer.

But if you’re not a developer, you can check out the plugins for Discourse or look into the use of webhooks. There’s still a lot that’s possible.

(Robert McIntosh) #4

you can say that with a great degree of comfort

I am looking at Webhooks, but all ‘development’ requires getting a series of responsible people to agree - this is not just my plaything, sadly. Each day I find a new reason to have to go out and teach myself some basic coding, SQL, CSS, etc.

(Bas van Leeuwen) #5

Cool! Thanks for sharing!
It’ll be great to have Mailchimp’s simplicity in MA, most vendors deliver absolutely atrocious UIs (Marketo being notoriously bad)