Free ebook on code of conduct enforcement


(Janet Swisher) #1

Folks here may be interested in this: Free code of conduct enforcement book available now. The focus skews towards volunteer-led tech communities and conferences, but may be helpful to anyone leading any community with voluntary membership.

(remah) #2

Thanks for that link.

For anyone who might not read the download page, the request for an email address can be ignored as the author provides a direct link on the same page.

The book is not as useful as I expected because it focuses on enforcement without fully integrating the positive influences of a Code of Conduct into the enforcement regime. In other words, how can I use a Code of Conduct to, first, have purposes beside providing a baseline for determining what should be enforced and, second, to minimize the need for enforcement.

The author present circumstances where “… your community is better off without a code of conduct.” I disagree.