Forming a mastermind group for community managers

Continuing the discussion from Would it help to have a strategists community?:

I’m still interested in this idea…

I’m looking for 2 or 3 people to join me in a mastermind group. This is big and complicated. If that’s for you, read on… :slight_smile:

Who’s it for…

You have a community platform set up

It doesn’t have to be huge, busy, or built on any specific platform. Simply put, this mastermind is not for, “how do I set it up?”

It’s your community

…or at least you’re one of the primary stakeholders of whatever runs the community. I’m looking for individuals who lead their community, make the decisions, and I want what we do as a mastermind group to benefit you personally, not a Large Faceless Corp one might work for. In other words, you have skin in the game.

What’s it for…

You want fresh eyes or feedback

This is for you if you’ve asked your computer monitor…

“How’s this feel?”
“Is this policy right?”
“Do I have too many categories in here?”

You know, all the stuff right after, “How do I set this platform up?”

How does it work…

One Zoom call per week

Of course, missing one here and there is fine.

But generally, one recurring-scheduled weekday meeting. Some sane time that works for me in US Eastern. (US west-coast through Europe should be easy enough to juggle.)

We’ll use the first part of the call to review (if needed) feedback given from the previous week. (See “homework” below.)

We’ll use the second part of the call for someone to pose the next week’s question. Each week we’ll rotate who asks the question. You can “ask” by posting, screenshare, show and tell, powerpoint, whatever. You get the floor to talk to the mastermind, rather than your monitor.

Another hour of homework during each week

Of course, missing here and there is fine!

But generally, you’re committing to spending no more than an hour acting on the question posed in the Zoom call. Let’s call this “doing the homework.”

We’ll post our homework somewhere. (We’re all community managers, we can figure this out.) This means you have to be adept at writing long posts, screenshots, screencap videos, etc. to convey your homework. We’re not going to spend the time in the zoom call “reciting” our homework. The first half of the zoom call is in case the person who asked the question has a burning need in response to the homework that was submitted.

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Hi Craig, I certainly would want to be included please, I think it is a great idea.

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That’s 3 (including me) people… someone else also replied to my cross-post on Meta…

one more?

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I’m a process nut… Here, use a Google Sheet:

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Read and edited. :ok_hand:


@coppbacp did you see my comment in the GSheet? …you’ve put yourself in group 2, when we’ve not even got 4 ppl for g1 yet :slight_smile:

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I am very interested. I am located in Israel so if it will be morning time EST it will work the best for me.

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Awesome! Add your name to team 1 in the Google sheet here: Forming a mastermind group for community managers - #4 by craig

“group one” has four people; we’re getting organized in private communications. If additional groups fill up (see/use google doc linked above) I can share the discussion/structure that we discover works.

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“group 1” is going to meet for 10 weeks, starting on January 11, 2022. After that we’ll continue, disband, perhaps shuffle with other groups… whatever.

I encourage others to continue using the Google Sheet and we can continue cross-pollination (or other platforms, w/e) of how this works, what structure is working, etc.

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ALL: Group1 is underway, and there’s now a first person for Group2… if you’re interested, please hit the Google Doc link and add your name. If the group gets to four, we’ll invite you to the dedicated Discourse platform we have for facilitating each mastermind’s work. I’d appreciate any tagging of people you know who might be interested in joining a Mastermind group.

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I recommend shifting further discussion over yonder…

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I wrote up a bit of take-away now that we’ve done this…


Nice work @craig - glad to see there was some small help we played here.

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Thanks for closing the loop with your take-aways, Craig. Nice collaboration and success spin offs.

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