Focus on the Emotion

(Richard Millington) #1

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It’s more powerful to learn how someone felt than what they did.

We empathize better with emotions than with experiences. We remember how things felt.

Most case studies explain what happened. They would do better to pick subjects that reflect their intended audience and explain how they felt.

How did the decision come about? What was causing anxiety? What caused them to make the decision they did? What scared them along the way? How did they deal with these emotions? How did it feel once they had performed the behavior?

Begin with the fear, anxiety and doubt most people experience.

Move through to joy, elation, and a sense of security.

(Rob Hudson) #2

So true Richard… in my world I find that great connection always happen at an emotional level. Also our emotional experiences are either the potential seed for future barriers to growth and learning or through sharing the pathway to ensure we keep going and build on our experience. The “What” is just the context to help us tune in.