First time here? Welcome!


(Piotr Malzycki) #159

@richard_millington -> thanks, soooo where is my unique badge ?:smiley: Giving more details about my thoughts on community - I say “product” when I think about community at all. The product has no value when you don’t think about usability, promotion, your customers and your sponsors. I like that kind of compare cause community has no value when you don’t know what for are you doing for. I wonder what lithium and jive will do together this could be a game changer from technical point of view. From business poinf of view I believe that we still have to prove what’s real value on the communities and seeking new opportunities of cooperation with users.

(Richard Millington) #160

Check your profile! I just awarded you our first ever ‘Unique badge’! - Congratulations! :slight_smile:

I agree with you on the value side. I’m hoping it’s something I can properly address in my book.

That’s a big question. Would it be possible to break it down? Where are you right now? What’s the next bottleneck to resolve? What’s step 1 right now?

(Piotr Malzycki) #161

Woooha! Thanks my own unique badge! :slight_smile:
yep, you touched this very properly if you mean about “buzzing communities” It was my first book in the subject - I bought it just after my conversation with my boss about new project.

(Richard Millington) #162

The next book will be much. much, better.

(Piper_Wilson) #163

Welcome to everyone. I haven’t been active in a while, so I’m not going to respond to everyone I missed. I’ve enjoyed reading about you and I look forward to getting to know you and your stuff better. :slight_smile:

(L.D. Sewell) #164

Time is, has, and always will be the biggest challenge I think. Everything I am building is on track but some things must come before other things. So the membership is on the horizon and will become a priority when I get some other goals completed first, which is what I am working on now. Between now and then, I just need to figure out the best way to go about building a highly motivated, engaged, dedicated and driven community from scratch.

(Lucas Studart) #165


I’m from Brazil :smiley:
This year I started, with a friend, a school to build communities here. Our mission is to help brands with the success of their customers and employees.
Our biggest challenge is to bring these new concepts of communities to our country as the future of organizations and relationships, because this is still not seen as a priority or something that brings significant value.
At the moment we are studying a lot, finishing our work method and our business model (the price model is still a great unknown).
But we are very happy with our first customers!

I hope to learn a lot from all of you, make lots of friends and together transform the world into a big community!



(Shreyas) #166

Hello and welcome to the Experts community, Lucas!

This sounds super exciting. You’re building both internal and external communities.

I can totally relate to this. One of the things that helped us here was to list out organizations that did some specific aspects like customer service really well, or take feedback from customers to build their product. Eventually, people started realizing the value because these companies were doing something differently that increased the number of repeat customers. I think over the time, this would translate into the importance of building a community.

This is great! What are some of the needs of your customers?

(joitske) #167

I am interested in using social network analysis for community analysis and growth. Any experiences?

(Nick Emmett) #168

Hey @joitske - can you give us some examples of the types of metrics you’re looking to track? @Bas_van_Leeuwen may have some thoughts on this.

(joitske) #169

I once did an SNA for a LinkedIn community and we typically looked at the influencers, the topics of expertise and the subcommunities. It was very interesting. However we had to do a survey amongst the participants. I am curious to see other experiences, tools used, metrics looked at and how these were used to further develop the community.

(Alissa Lockwood) #170

New to the FeverBee Community. I’ve been managing Communities at IT companies for the past 4 years and just started a new position doing the same but on a new platform…Salesforce. I would love some resources and advice from others who manage on Salesforce as well- permission set ups, the good, bad and ugly… :slight_smile: Excited to “meet” you all, help where I can and collaborate.

See you around!

(Nick Emmett) #171

Hey @alockwood - welcome to the community here, it’s great to hear from you!

I manage the community for FinancialForce, which is on Salesforce - is your community live, or still in the planning/config stages? It’d be great to hear about where you’re at. I’m not any level of admin but might be able to offer a few pointers along the way based on how we use the platform.

There’s also a thread here about the SF Community Cloud where there are other users and some questions/tips etc: Getting the most out of Salesforce Community Cloud

(Piper_Wilson) #172

Welcome! It’s great to meet you, too.

(Alissa Lockwood) #173

Hey Nick! Thanks for the information and being willing to share a few pointers. I used to manage the NetApp Community and now i’m at Varonis. They are currently Jive and migrating. I’m really interested about the sales tie in on the back side of things and how not to mess things up during the migration, LOL! I’ll check out the Salesforce Community.

(James Hillstrand) #174

Hey, all! Just joined here and I’m entirely new. Planning to build a small community, guess I can get some good ideas here.

(Nick Emmett) #175

Hey @gavin , welcome to the Community here at Feverbee, it’s great to hear from you! What sort of community are you looking to build? Do you have a background in communities already or is it totally new for you? It’ll be good to hear where we can help and follow your journey :slight_smile:

I’m also intrigued as your user name being Gavin but shows your name as James! :slight_smile:

(James Hillstrand) #176

Hi! Nick, thank you for the welcome. I’m a volunteer at a youth charity and they have this idea of creating a community, so I’m completely new. Back then, this teacher of mine always calling me “Gavin”, not sure why.

(Ania Marcos) #177

Hello, hello!

So happy to join and meet everyone :smiley:

I’m relatively new to Community Management and found you through Suzi Nelson’s Community Management course at DMHQ.

I work with an online art school and we have a very loving and passionate community. I’m here so I can learn more and do my best to nurture our community! <3

(Adrian Speyer) #178

Hi @aniamarcos, welcome to the community :slight_smile: