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Hey @nawthor,

Welcome to FeverBee Experts.

I can completely relate to this. But this community is super friendly and helpful. So if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

I have this description provided by @HAWK. This was pretty helpful for me.


I’d say falls under B2C.

(Shreyas) #119

Hello & welcome @bartvb!
I love how you’ve build a team of 50+ volunteers. I’d love to take a look a the community, if you can share it publicly or via DM.

15+ years of running this community, I’m sure you’d have a lot to share with the Experts community.

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Hello & welcome @tatiana.bonneau!

Just checked out a couple of AMA’s on AMAfeed. Looks pretty interesting.

Absolutely! :slight_smile:
I also have a question about the platform- apart from aggregating AMA’s, can we start AMA’s natively on the website?

(Tatiana Bonneau) #121

Hello! Yes of course, some recent AMAs
Kristen Hall-Geisler on EV racing
Josh Steimle on how to write for Forbes
Rae Paoletta from Gizmodo
Bobby Mason with advice for startups
Steve de Mamiel on The Mongrel Method

(If I get those links right am gonna give myself a tap on the back!)

(Xhevair Maskuli) #122

Hey all!
Former Community Manager that supported the U.S. Government, but is now working for a collaboration platform vendor (Jive Software). I’ve benefited from materials posted by FeverBee and others in the past, so figured I would join the community to give back where I can.

My goal is to help others here and continue to sharpen my approach when consulting with prospects and existing customers about the value of community collaboration. :slight_smile:

(Richard Millington) #123

Hi @xmaskuli - welcome to FeverBee!

Really interesting times at Jive I imagine. I’m sure you’ve checked out our other discussion about that.

What are some of the best examples of collaboration at the moment? I’m curious to see what’s new in that space.

(Xhevair Maskuli) #124

Hi @richard_millington,

Oh yeah… Between the acquisition and sales of external community business, it’s definitely interesting times. :slight_smile:
Well, in my previous role as a Community Manager I had actually reached out to you about some good best practices for managing an internal community (about 5-6 years ago). I greatly appreciated the advise as it was a very unique community supporting all 17 U.S. Intelligence Agencies called i-Space (Then A-Space).

It was a very interesting challenge trying to support collaboration among agencies where information sharing can be antithetical to their business model. Still we saw a lot of great strides (most of which I can talk about!) and now in my role at Jive, I’ve gotten a chance to work with NASA, DOJ, DOD, and a bunch of other agencies to help share best practices and really identify the value creation for them.

(Richard Millington) #125

That’s incredible work, congratulations!

Is there any chance I can use it as a case study in the book? It seems unlikely, but would be a great one to have.

(Xhevair Maskuli) #126

It’s possible, but it would probably have to go through an ungodly approval process that could strip away anything really impactful. It’s always been the issue when trying to put anything to paper for a case study… I love supporting the government, but talking about their successes are always tricky.

I can generalize and talk about best practices and difficulties that organizations encounter (Whether cultural issues, outdated tracking and rewarding mechanisms. etc…), but being able to call out the qualitative success stories (and even quantitative metrics) to back it up, continues to drag me down. :confused:

(Tatiana Bonneau) #128

Hello! Yes, you can:) (sorry, been crazy busy, just got around to check what’s up here:)) Feel free to pm me for more info!

(Chris Ward) #129

Hi Bees
I am about to start a community for professional health and safety experts world wide. I want a platform that looks professional, has capacity for a large library. And is both free to view but has a paid to access portion where there will be valuable resources/rewards.

What’s the next step?

Best bee haviour

(Richard Millington) #130

Hey @chris,

Welcome to the community. You’re at an exciting stage of the lifecycle.

A lot of questions, but I guess the biggest ones are what’s your budget, level of tech skill, and how big is the team here?

Have you checked out the community platform tool?

(Larry Beasley) #131

I have a need to bring a diverse group of people together–people who are loosely affiliated in community but need to share some common knowledge and on occasion communicate with one another.

(Kaela Altman) #132

This is my first post as a new member!

We are revamping our strategic plan for building our online communities.
My first question is how do you set goals and build objectives from a blank slate?

(Nick Emmett) #133

Hey @ljbeasley - welcome to Feverbee - apologies for the delayed response here!
Where does your need come from? Is it an organisation you work to, or belong to?

Is there a more specific ask or challenge we might be able to help you with?

(Nick Emmett) #134

Hey there @kaltman - welcome to the Feverbee community, it’s great to hear from you. Well done for jumping straight in.

Have you checked out the Feverbee Guide to Strategic Community Management? It’s a really good guide to getting yourself in decent shape and thinking more strategically. I can also recommend the Strategic community Management course that @richard_millington runs here - really great value.

At a really base level, my favourite question to start off thinking around this is why. Why do you want or need your community? Why would your members want or need to come there?

What sort of community do you have? Who are your target members?

(Richard Millington) #135

@kaltman I think you already signed up to the course as I recall? :slight_smile:

So we’ll cover that.

A short answer now is to begin with a lot of internal discussions. Some of
the recent blog posts might help too:

I’d give them both a read and see if that helps you from a blank slate?

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(Luis Villa) #136


I’ve been, in various ways, doing community stuff for around twenty years, mostly around software but also around college basketball. I’m a programmer and attorney by training; procrastinator by nature.

Most recently, I was the head of the Community Engagement department at the Wikimedia Foundation. One of my team members there pointed me at Feverbee years ago (and praised it to the heavens!) but I’ve always been a lurker, never a participant.

I recently co-founded a company (website, but we’re pretty much in a quiet phase right now - not much to see.) I am the community guy amongst the founders, so I’m responsible for a growth-phase community for the first time in ages. This is exciting, but also comes at an obvious inflection point for all of us: with Slack, Facebook, etc., the online community world is very different than it was 3-5 years ago, so I’m not only having to relearn growth v. maintenance v. mitosis but also new tools (or old tools in new bottles - I spent most of my 20s on IRC :wink: I’m hoping participation here will help sharpen my thinking again, and look forward to participating even as I realize this community has been somewhat quiet :slight_smile:

Thanks for having me…

(Richard Millington) #137

Hi @luisvilla

Welcome to the FeverBee community.

Did you work with Philippe at Wikimedia? I was there a few months ago interestingly enough.

The new company looks exciting. Congratulations. When do you start the big push on it?

What’s the big challenge we can help with here? :slight_smile:

(Luis Villa) #138

Yeah, I worked with Philippe for 2+ years - he’s the one who introduced me to your work.

We’re very actively pushing behind the scenes; I’d expect we’ll go live with some community-facing work in late October/early November.

My macro challenge is making sure we have a community that works for our users. Our business model doesn’t need a community, but our instinct (and initial conversations) tell us that there is an underserved group of people that we can serve by providing a forum and getting the right people there. That’s of course easy to say and hard to execute on :slight_smile:

To share my immediate micro-challenge: start with Slack/Mattermost or with Discourse? Trawling for advice on that problem is the specific thing that drew me back here. This board’s discussions of ephemerality have been helpful in framing things for me, but I’ve still not come to a firm conclusion.

What would help you build a more successful community today?