First time here? Welcome!


(Ryan) #70

Hello All!

I just joined, recently read the book “Buzzing Communities” and have read a few topics here, and have a ton more to read. Recently stepped into the role of running an online community around game development, basically filling a void from a community that went offline and well - never returned.

I am sure to have a ton of questions, as our current members are feeling a little betrayed over the loss of the previous community, happy to have the new community, but not yet feeling trusting as of yet. Everyday is a few friendly posts and patience in showing that we are a great place to participate.

I look forward to seeing what more I can learn in how to build trust and encourage engagement and participation.


(Sarah Hawk) #71

Hey Ryan,
Thanks for jumping straight in, it’s great to hear from you. Sounds like a pretty interesting challenge! This topic has some advice which may be useful.

Is your community associated with a brand?

(Ryan) #72

No brand, hobbyist but focused on a old but once relatively popular industry (now almost dead), so very targeted.

The thread was helpful, thanks for the link :slight_smile:

(Nick Emmett) #73

Welcome @tgl_forums - it’ great to have you hear, there’s a ton of experience and knowledge within this group so be sure to shout up with any questions you have. I’ve seen your other post - great to see you jumping straight in - I’m just pondering my response now!

Looking forward to hearing more about your journey.

(Ryan) #74

Thank you for your welcome, this community has so far been absolutely wonderful and helpful!

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I need help to build a case for devoting resources to community building
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Hello there! Greetings from BXL, Europe.

I was referred to this site by @graham_perrin after he visited a topic on a Discourse instance I’ve setup a couple years ago that has some issues with “the community”, one of them being that it’s JavaScript-based (although one can use email with delight), and because the configuration doesn’t allow anyone to post new topics freely (I’m looking for engagement, not in the commercial sense of making people spend time and buy stuff, but in the sense of active participation in knowledge building.)

EDIT: I finally had to pull the plug on this forum, but am working on reviving it in another, more benevolent context. In the meantime I’m based at

I have a fairly long experience with Web forums dating back from last Century :wink: and covering various platforms. I love Discourse and can write some code (although I didn’t write much for Discourse yet), being a sysadmin from trade. I’ve been using free software exclusively for a couple decades and live happy with it. So much indeed that I made it my profession to help people and organizations adopting free software for their activity online, in relation to their existing practice. Discourse is of course a central part of it.

I spent the last hour browsing through this board and found some very interesting things. Kudos for the Comparison Tool which is well designed and useful. I miss having FluxBB in it so I can make a face to face comparison with Discourse though.

(Sarah Hawk) #82

Great to hear from you – thanks for jumping straight in.

I just spotted this topic in your community. What kind of behaviour are you experiencing?

It is our plan to add further platforms but it’s a time consuming task and I’ve been busy with other things.

(hellekin wolf) #83

Thanks for your interest. I’d rather talk about this in private (inviting other experts on a need-to-know basis) in order to avoid snow-balling and out of respect for the person involved. Would that be possible? I can start by sending you a private message and you may invite people as you see fit.

Engaging gamers and determining KPIs
(Sarah Hawk) #84

Sure :slight_smile:

(James Bettis) #85

Hi Nick,

My sincerest apologies for just now responding to your post. Working in the U.S. TV industry, it has been one of the busiest times of the year (the others being program launches in the Fall months, and season finales in late Spring). I appreciate the support that you and Hawk are offering.

I’ve started becoming more interactive in the community by responding to posts, asking questions and just being more involved overall. However, I’m trying to pace myself because I don’t want my responses or presence to dominate the community.

Do you have any suggestions in that area, or are my current “instincts” correct in my approach.


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Re-engaging a new community
(Sarah Hawk) #87

Edit: I’d responded from the POV of a new community but am rewriting because I now remember that you’re a new CM but it’s not a new community – right?

Your instincts are good. You need to build your reputation and gain respect. It’s weird for everyone if someone new comes in and dominates.

Is it a busy and active community with some strong voices?

(sara) #90

Hi everyone,
I’m new here!
I joined Feverbee as I’m currently facing some challenges:

  • How do I boost the company’s followers community for channels we recently launched (FB, IN)?
  • How can I transform our engaged employees into social media ambassadors?
  • What kind of platforms do you use to create animated content (videos, GIFs) at a low cost?

(Sarah Hawk) #91

Hi Sara,
Welcome. I have a couple of clarifying questions for you.

How are you using the social media channels? Are you hoping to build an engaged Facebook community where people interact and share ideas, or is it more of a broadcast channel?

And by social media ambassadors, do you mean that you’d like employees to share your content across their own social media channels, or you’d like them to take part and engage with community members in Facebook groups?

And some animation tools:

(James Bettis) #92

Hi, thanks for responding.

Yes, I’m a new CM, and this actually is a new community.

It’s growing in activity, and there are a few members who are very active and a couple with “strong” voices (in a good way).

(Sarah Hawk) #93

Ok, cool. So then what I’d originally written was that every community differs slightly, but as a rule of thumb I’d make sure I answered any questions that go unanswered after x hours (you’ll need to figure out what that means for your community – give other members a chance to answer first) and then create one new discussion or content piece per day.

Perfect! Those are your founding members. Nurture them and build really strong relationships with them. Aim to build on that group by personally reaching out to new people every week and inducting them in. As that group grows in size and confidence you can lean on them to start answering the questions and creating content, as you slowly back out a bit and work on more strategic things.

(James Bettis) #94

Thank you HAWK!

(Dave Blears) #95


I am Dave and i run

It’s been going since 2001 and is one of the larger Land Rover focused forums on the net.

It now runs on a subscription based setup based on vbulletin 4

i am looking to move to xenforo in the future but need to do a lot more research into it.

thanks for having me and i hope to learn a bit and help a bit as well.


(Sarah Hawk) #96

Hey Dave,
Welcome – glad you’re here.

You might find our platform comparison tool handy for your research.

@Gear_Buzz can probably weigh in also.