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Hi there!

Since I am new to community management, I have been doing a lot of research and visited this community a number of times, before actually creating an account. It has been very useful reading and learning about everybody’s experiences. We are in de middle of starting a community as a support tool for a new software application we’re developing. We’ve worked out our strategy and have identified our ambassadors. The next step is to set up a meeting with them. The community will be released together with the new software, this fall. So exciting times, but also a bit nerve-racking. Since we will be dealing with both a new system and a new community. Any advise that you might have, is greatly appreciated.



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Hi @ingridp,

I’m glad to meet you and that you decided to join the community. I look forward to hearing more about your journey. (Journey sounds so new-age, but I couldn’t come up with anything better.)

Thanks for introducing yourself.

(Sarah Hawk) #28

Welcome Ingrid – great to have you here.

@ale_fattorini and @Suzi_Nelson are both very experienced CMs of very different types of product communities. They’d both be invaluable contacts for you.

What platform have decided to use?

(Alessio Fattorini) #29

Welcome here @ingridp I will be more than happy to help you :slight_smile:

Could you add more details?

(Ingrid Peters) #30

Thank you @Piper_Wilson, @HAWK and @ale_fattorini for welcoming me!

We have decided on Discourse. The comparison tool came in very handy. We’re using the open source version and I am in the process of changing the various settings.

By new system I mean our new software system we are developing at the moment. We are basically rebuilding our current program from the ground up, and the first version should be ready this fall. Our current customers won’t be converted right away upon release, and we will start of with new customers only. Our community will also start with new customers only, except for our list of ambassadors. So we are going through a few changes here at the same time.

I am debating how to keep our ambassadors (current partners) engaged during the time period that they are not yet converted and also which content I should have upon release.

Does this make sense to you?

(Colin Stennett) #31

Good afternoon!

My name’s Colin, and I’m looking for tips on how to reinvigorate a Salesforce community I manage for my company. First, some BG information on the Community in question…

Community Status: Private, 2 years in age with approx 200 members
Community Purpose: To provide a forum within which the members can share insights into (better) use of the software products they have purchased from us.

To the key problem I am seeking assistance with from learned folk on this forum…is how to encourage more organic information sharing amongst the members?

To provide further context, the software products we provide are fairly sizeable and complex in nature. This usually means a substantial financial investment on their behalf to acquire and maintain. It also means potential conflict of interest when raising topics of discussion into the forums - some of our customers are direct competitors to each other but use the same software product from us to achieve their goals. I suspect some reluctance to organically post from their side could be caused by not wanting to ‘air their laundry’ and give heads up or advantage to others.

As a company, we already have in place a current strategy of regular information sharing each week that covers Software Tips, Welcome Messages & Onboarding information to new joiners and ‘Did You Know?’ topics of interest. However the ratio of posts into the forum over the last 18 months remains stubbornly biased towards this regular information we are posting vs those questions raised organically from the community. How can we address this ratio? Do we need to stop posting as much information from our side? Post more? Different types of information instead of the regular ‘programming’? (e.g. less product and more ‘world’ related?). Does anyone have any experience of how to encourage more interactivity from a fairly ‘mature’ community base? I’m not expecting miracles, just different ways in which we can make the community more self sustaining.

The other concern I have is on how to ‘categorise’ our existing members…i.e. who are actively creating and reading posts, just reading posts or have yet to contribute anything meaningful to the forum in a while. Such information could help in producing a targeted ‘relaunch’ campaign going forward. Are there any tools or reports out there to help in this area of analytics as well?

Any thoughts on how to square this circle would be appreciated!

Kind regards,


Tips for revitalising a product community
(Sarah Hawk) #32

Cool! Let me know if you need a hand finding your way around or customising anything.

(Sarah Hawk) #33

Welcome on board Colin. Interesting challenges. I’m going to create a new topic (link below your original post) so that we can brainstorm.

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Hey @ingridp - welcome to Feverbee, it’s great that you found us and have jumped in to discussions now!

Sounds like there’s a lot on your plate coming up to launching your product AND your community at the same time - how does your role sit in amongst that mix? Do you have responsibilities in both camps or just focussed on Community?

It’s great you’ve identified some ambassadors for your community already, where did they come from and how do you plan to use them?

I also manage a support community for our suite of products so happy to help where I can too, although we use Salesforce rather than Discourse but of course the challenges are the same.

What’s the sort of value you expect members/customers to get from your community?

(Ingrid Peters) #35

Hi @Nick_Emmett,

Thanks for your reply!

I will be in both camps. My current focus is just on the community. Setting up the software, training the moderators, ambassador event etc. Once our beta-version is available I will also help test the new software and make sure our staff get the proper training in the new software.

Our ambassadors are current resellers. Some of them have been partners with us for years and they are all enthusiastic about both the product and our company. They are experts as much as our own employees and we want them engaged by answering questions and telling the community about their experience.

Our customer questions are currently answered by phone or e-mail. We want to give our customers an easy accessible platform to search for solutions to questions they have, and also learn from others.

Do you have experience starting a support community from the ground up? I am wondering what kind of content we should have available when our first ‘real’ customers start connecting. My plan is to have our ambassadors join the community during the beta test, but have these conversations in a closed group since these questions might not all be of value to the new customers.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this!

(Laleh moli) #36


I’m Laleh, and have found this forum via a search for “community strategy”.

We are in the way to build a community around wicked problems, and I’ve some doubts I’d like to share & discuss about here.

can I discuss it here, or should I create a topic for it?

(Piper_Wilson) #37

Hi Laleh,

Welcome to the community! I’m not a mod, but I think that starting a new topic makes sense. I look forward to it.

We don’t bite. Promise. :slight_smile:

(Laleh moli) #38

Thanks Piper.

I was more worried if my actions may bite anyone here :joy:

First let me check other topics, as some of them seem to answer my doubts.

I’ll jump in afterwards with all the remained QUESTIONS & DOUBTS.

(Piper_Wilson) #39

Awesome! LOL

(Sarah Hawk) #40

Brilliant! Our SEO work is paying off!
Welcome Laleh – as Piper says, feel free to start a new discussion when you’re ready.
If it is formal strategy that you’re after, this resource will be useful.

(Nick Emmett) #41

Hey @lolmol - welcome, it’s great to hear from you.
I’m particularly interested in finding out more about your “wicked problems” - are they related to your target audience and subject matter - or challenges you have regarding managing your community?

There’s a ton of knowledge and experience in this community - be sure to take advantage of it and shout up - no question too silly. :slight_smile:

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Hi Everyone,
I am a virtual assistant and I am here to keep learning about social media and SEO management. It’s always good to keep my skills up and keep informed on new things. Nice to meet you!

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(Samantha Preddie) #48

My name is Samantha, and I’m a community support associate for the Startup Figure 1. I help users navigate our app by answering questions/emails/messages. I also work with community moderation and engagement. I’m here looking to stay up-to-date with community engagement theories/tactics and also to improve my understanding of how to foster a helpful/engaging community (particularly on a more academic platform).

It’s always interesting joining a new community to get community ideas, haha. Just doing this process has been enlightening!