First time here? Welcome!

Hi everyone - I’ve reached a point in my career where I’m doing less day to day community management and more strategic thinking/planning around the Communities I’m involved in. Taking the time to define and implement a strategy is difficult! As is doing the day to day. Even harder is doing both! Which most people probably are.

I work for a bank currently and am also a host for CMX and run small in-person events in Scotland for all things community-related.

Look forward to talking to you all.

I just joined the new Accelerator Coaching program and I’m excited to get started.
I currently manage an on-line FB Community of 7,000. It is needless to say a very busy group.
Looking forward to getting insight and sharing my own with everyone.


Hi @maryjomc,

Excited to have you in the program. Just launched the category and group today for the private discussions in there.

Really looking forward to working with you there.

Hey thanks for the welcome. I’m excited about diving into this!

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Hello all,

Happy to be here, also in the accelerator program. I’m working on translating aspects of in person community and in person business into an online community. So lots of learning to do. We’re in discourse, connected to Wordpress for static content linked with Memberful.

I feel at this point my technical solution is not holding me back. It’s my know-how!

I live and work in Dubai And have been here for 11 years working in education. I’m standing here right now:



Hey there, glad I found the Feverbee community! Just finished “the indispensable community”, and it opened my eyes on many levels (about to implement some major adaptations according to the principles presented!). I’ve been a very active community manager in the past on a discord instance. I’ve running a personal discourse ( instance for some weeks now as a hobby project to structure my resources, thinking, habits etc and to share it with those interested. Now the interest is growing I’m thinking about creating a bigger vision/purpose for the instance and create a real community instead of a group of lurkers. Would the accelerator program be something I could benefit from?

Anyway, I wanted to say hi and big thanks for compiling all the knowledge in the wonderful book you put out there! If there is anything I can do from a member perspective just let me know! :wink:


Hi there, Feverbee newbie here!

Almost 2 years ago I became a Community Manager by luck. I had joined a team that managed a community a year earlier but the focus was more around marketing than CM. A year in, we realized we needed to make sure someone took care of the members communicating with them, getting to know them, understanding their needs, etc. That was me!

However, things started to shift a bit internally and less than 2 months ago I changed jobs. I’m now the EMEA Community Manager in a very similar community (same industry, same target audience) but the role or the tactics used here are totally different. I’m having a bit of a hard time adapting and thought I could learn something new here to keep the work they do but adding more value to it.

Very excited to be a part of this community!


Hey @christinaroosen! I noticed the recent facelift you’ve made to the Akamai community. As your security business continues to thrive, and with the rise of 5G I can only imagine how your Community will become more vibrant in 2020.

Best of luck in the new year!

Hello I’m based in the UK and am new to the Feverbee forum and discourse. I plan to build my own community using Discourse.

I realise I have a large learning curve ahead of me and hope I can learn from both the resourceful people and posts made here and over at Discourse.


Yay! Welcome (and excellent platform choice). What is your community about?

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We’re starting a community at my company! It’s an experiment, so eyes are on us to prove the community’s worth over the next couple of years. I believe in it, but I do know we’ll have some challenges because our company already has quite a following. Rolling it out gracefully will be key.

Also, not sure who to share this with, but the welcome notification has a broken link where it says “This format.” I think it was trying to bring me to this page, but it wasn’t working.


Hi FeverBee Experts!

My name is Chris Shernaman and I am from Southern California. I am currently working as a Community Manager at Alteryx. My focus is around community development and engagement programs. I am looking forward to connecting with more community professionals, virtually and in-person (hopefully soon). As our industry is growing rapidly, I hope to share best practices and tips to provide the best experience for my community members!



Hi, Everyone!
I am Anna, and I am 100% new to all things Community so I have a lot of learning to do. My background is in Customer Support Operations, managing support contact center.
My company started a Community for our B2B customers which is private for now. We are using InSided and struggling to get the spark to get members to interact with content created in house. Hoping to become an expert one day and for now I am here to learn as much as possible to make our Community a success!

Welcome! Where you at in SoCal? I’m down here too!

Thank you! I am actually in Queens, NYC. Our company Headquarters are in San Francisco.

Good Morning! I am here because I am the founder of a nationwide community of women business owners supporting other women business owners. I believe that developing communities of people truly caring for one and other will change the world for the better! Celebrating our differences with an open mind


Hello Everyone, I used to be involved helping develop online communities with the police in the UK in 2010. I have been involved a couple of times during higher education, recently a local special interest group for virtual and augmented reality in education. I’m working on a new project to develop and support communities of practice across different campuses at The University of Law.
I frequently used and referenced Feverbee and an owner of Buzzing Communities book but it has a been a while so looking to get stuck in again and see what has changed in the last few years.

Hi, am building some forums in the wine sector using phpBB.

Hello! I’m certainly not an expert, but I manage a private client community for Health Catalyst. We help healthcare organizations gain insights from their data for better financial and clinical outcomes improvement. For the past few years, we’ve used the community to provide product and service support–answering questions, providing the ability to submit feature requests, etc. But we want to shift this to include (and perhaps focus on) engagement between our healthcare system clients to share common challenges and insight with each other. When our Community started a few years ago we tried to include this aspect, but it fell flat–and we’re not completely sure why. So we shifted to product support. But we want to try again, because we feel our Community is missing its biggest opportunity to serve our healthcare system clients. I just registered for the Psychology of Communities course.

Hi all,

I’m new to community management for an online software. This has been quite the change up for our customers so I’m hoping to learn something that can help ease the transition.