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(David Tchozewski) #324

Hi all,

I have been managing an online community for Discovery Education over two years and am looking for some new ideas the make our community indispensable. I feel I am too secluded in my work within my own community and don’t spend (have) enough time to see what great things others may be doing. Trying to expand the contents of my toolbox.

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(Richard Millington) #325

Hi @dtchozewski,

Sorry, missed this among my recent travels.

So I’d take this back a step. I don’t think you’re looking for ideas to make your community indispensable as much as you are looking for better research. The best ideas come from knowing your members really, really, well.

My question would be to you…what research do you have at the moment?

(sudhanshu arora) #326

Thanks for this information. I am also new in this community.

(Michaela Katrina) #327

I’m MK :wave:

I’m not really sure what to say, there is a lot to unpack. But I’ll try and keep it simple.

I’ve been running the forums on a subscription based art education website for a few years now. I was originally just a student but the community at the time wasn’t active and I took it upon myself to try and breathe some life into it. I was hired a little while later for my efforts. But I’m just an artist… and everything I’ve really done is based on what I wanted out of this sort of site. There are things that I’ve done and created that work, and these things have helped retain members for a longer period than those who don’t participate, which is great. I guess I don’t know if there is a way to get some of those other members into the community. I don’t even know what is normal or healthy for a community like mine.

I hope to get some insight on my situation I guess.

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