First time here? Welcome!

Hi all,

I have been managing an online community for Discovery Education over two years and am looking for some new ideas the make our community indispensable. I feel I am too secluded in my work within my own community and don’t spend (have) enough time to see what great things others may be doing. Trying to expand the contents of my toolbox.

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Hi @dtchozewski,

Sorry, missed this among my recent travels.

So I’d take this back a step. I don’t think you’re looking for ideas to make your community indispensable as much as you are looking for better research. The best ideas come from knowing your members really, really, well.

My question would be to you…what research do you have at the moment?

Thanks for this information. I am also new in this community.

I’m MK :wave:

I’m not really sure what to say, there is a lot to unpack. But I’ll try and keep it simple.

I’ve been running the forums on a subscription based art education website for a few years now. I was originally just a student but the community at the time wasn’t active and I took it upon myself to try and breathe some life into it. I was hired a little while later for my efforts. But I’m just an artist… and everything I’ve really done is based on what I wanted out of this sort of site. There are things that I’ve done and created that work, and these things have helped retain members for a longer period than those who don’t participate, which is great. I guess I don’t know if there is a way to get some of those other members into the community. I don’t even know what is normal or healthy for a community like mine.

I hope to get some insight on my situation I guess.


Hello All, I’m Jon.

I’ve got to tell you that I’ve spent the last 6 or 7 years focused on Customer Success with SaaS companies here in the US and I always felt that Customer Success folks were THE best collaborators going!

Then I moved into my first Community Mgmt role and you guys all said ‘hold my beer’.

It’s been super, so many people wanting to share, learn and grow together - love it.

It is my first Community role and I have at my disposal healthy naivety about community, reckless ambition and bags of optimism.

Of course I’m reading Richards books, absorbing a ton of other material and relying on other skills I’ve been developing over the years.

Should be interesting…

Any experts out there that want to coach a newbie (best way to learn is to teach) come and find me, happy to trade Community knowledge with my experience of Professional Services, Customer Success and for the sports fans I can teach you the rules of cricket and rugby!

Good to meet you all!

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Hey everyone, very excited to have finally found this community :dancing_women:

I’ve been a community manager for the last couple of years, having started out as a very active member of the Monzo community about 4 years ago.

I’m now working for a company in London called Freetrade, building a community around our service, which enables customers to invest for the long term in the stock market.

Alongside our forum, we host regular events and so far, we’ve raised over £7m from crowdfunding which has been a fantastic way to create an engaged audience.

So far I’ve been reading Richard’s blog posts, going to CMX events & listening to the odd podcast episode etc. But I’ve been looking for somewhere to bounce ideas around with other community managers too so hopefully this is it!

At the moment I’m focused on finding ways to convert new joiners of our community to active contributors. I also want to get better at communicating the value of our community to the rest of the business. Lastly, we’re about to start international expansion into Europe which is giving me plenty to think about! :flight_departure:

I’ve already discovered Suzi Nelson’s posts about engaging lurkers & accompanying blog so I’m off to a really good start here :grinning:


Welcome Alex, and congrats on the fantastic crowdfunding!

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Hi @alexs welcome!

Monzo is an interesting one. I just got a bank account with them.

We’re about to revamp this community a little. So stay tuned for that :slight_smile:

This talk might help:

It’s a bit long, but covers a bunch of steps to turn newcomers into active contributors

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Hello all! I’m not new to community management, but I am new to my current position!

In my prior job, I managed a private Jive (then Lithium, then Aurea, then Khoros) community for a customer/partner audience since its creation in 2011. I also architected and launched customer and partner support communities using Salesforce Community Cloud.

In my new role, I’ve taken ownership of an existing self-service community. The site was previously run by the Marketing team. Just before I joined, it migrated from Jive to Salesforce, and moved from Marketing to the support organization. Lots of work to do to re-think, re-invigorate, and re-engage / expand the membership. I’m just a week in, and busy absorbing my new customer base and their motivations.

Looking forward to getting to know everyone!


Hi Christina,

We’re really lucky to have your experience here. You’re very welcome!

I hope you’re enjoying your new community.

Thanks for the welcome!

You’re going to love Monzo :bank:

I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with the community, I need some fresh ideas.

That talk looks like exactly what I need :raised_hands:

It’s nothing too crazy.

It’s probably going to be to take this back to a private community and wrap it up an upcoming project we’re about to launch.

My goal is to move this away from a generic discussion community and be a little more focused on helping community pros gain the skills they need to thrive. Due to client projects, I’ve let it drift for a little too long. That’s going to change soon :slight_smile:



I am new to the Community space working on the solution provider side at Khoros. I am excited to start talking to Community Managers and find out about more about what people are trying to build and how I can help.

Hey everyone,

I would love to learn from you all. I’m starting a brand new first-ever digital community for my organization (Mavenlink) and looking for the best and brightest to help me mitigate mistakes and leapfrog to some moderate success in our first iteration of this program.

We’re going to implement Salesforce Community Cloud as our solution, so if you have advice tips or tricks or other topics in another thread, please message me! You can also find me on linkedin (in/mikedrizzo).