First time here? Welcome!

(Dave Lee, CPLP) #302

I’m looking forward to being a part of the Feverbee community. I’ve been involved with online communities since 2004. I’ve learned alot from my experiences, but have so much to learn from all of you. My current challenge is to help revitalise a professional organization I belong to that has lost its sense of community. I’m planning on using a design thinking approach and community development principles to build engagement and buy-in in both face-to-face and online community environments. Oh, and with little to no budget available. Just the sort of challenge I love!


(Karin Wolok) #303

I’m a new-beeee (see what I did there?)
I manage community strategy for a really awesome graph database company (Neo4j) based out of San Mateo, CA.

My career started in music marketing or working with some of the most well-known artists in the world! Somehow, I made my way into software and data science where I found a love for developer relations.

I’ve been in love with connecting people and the science of creating a sense of belonging for a big part of my life. I’ve been organizing communities (women’s resource sharing) accidentally for years and didn’t know I could make a career of it until I discovered my current director.

Looking forward to learning from everyone else in the Feverbee’s community’s stories, experiences, and lessons, and mistakes :smiley:
Hopefully I could be of some value to the community as well.


(Travis King) #304

Welcome @karinwolok Great to see you around :grin:


(Justin DiRose) #305

Hi folks! I’m Justin DiRose, owner of a special interest community called the Productivity Guild. We’re focused on connecting with productivity enthusiasts in the Mac and iOS community.

I assumed ownership of this community in September 2018, but was a very active member for a few years prior. Access to the community itself is free, but we also have a paid membership where we have premium content.

The absolute #1 challenge I’ve faced with this community is figuring out how to encourage folks to sign up and then participate. Engagement fluctuates wildly. My main goal is to create a safe, conversational atmosphere for people interested in this community to connect.

I’ve been reading some of the materials here off and on, and have found the insights valuable. Looking forward to continuing to learn more from this group!


(Piper_Wilson) #306

Hiya @justindirose - Welcome to the fold!

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(robin zhao) #307

Hello everyone! My name is Robin and working for a blockchain decentralized storage network project called PPIO. As you may have known, blockchain project is pretty much built on community. We are a pretty new project and building a developers community is our first and foremost important work for now, and I found it is extremely hard for newbies like me. I found this community and I hope to learn from members here. Cheers!


(Richard Millington) #308

Hi @robinzzz

Welcome to the community, happy to have you!

What platform are you using for the community today? I spoke at a blockchain event last year and the tendency was to use very different platforms from most community professionals.

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(Christine Arnould) #309

Hey everyone, Christine from DataStax. We are embarking on a new project this quarter to provide an enhanced online user experience. We have a static learning portal that we fitted with extras like blogs and attached Slack to for Q&A but users are not engaging. It is time to rethink our online presence and broaden our scope in a thoughtful way. I am excited about our new direction and while I have been in CM role for a couple of years now, there is always something to learn :slight_smile:


(Piper_Wilson) #310

Hi Christine,

Welcome to the community! It’s hard to pivot like it sounds you’re about to do. I’m glad you found us. I hope we can help.


(robin zhao) #311

Hi Richard! We want to build developers community, and now using Discord for main discussion, because we feel like it is still techy but more fun than platforms like Github. We also thinking about creating a subreddit to collect questions.

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(Margarita Leonova) #312

Hey there, lovely people! I am a newbie here and in this field of studies as well. I’ve got a community of multilingual poets, translators, linguists etc. (anything to do poetry and translation). For now, we are just an Instagram community. It grows fast and I’m pretty sure there is a need for a platform. I know nothing about community building, but I feel obliged to make the community grow, it inspires people!
Question: based on the theme and my (non-)knowledge, which platform would you recommend? It should be challenging enough, but also within my “mental” reach.
I’m looking for something that has gamification, preferably blogging. Language translation would be good, but I couldn’t locate any platform that provides. P.S The comparison tool recommended me “higher logic” since my budget is modest.


(Sushmita Jain) #313

Hello everyone,
This is Sushmita Jain a Business Mentor, a Livestream Enthusiast know as the Community Queen & The Indefatigable Biz Strategist. With 40K + Social Fans, I have earned the names on account of my command over the consistent delivery of results via simplified unique methods & strategies guiding business owners towards skyrocketing growth in profits as well as brand awareness resulting in building their community of ‘Brand Ambassadors’ to turn their followers into lifetime buyers! I have worked with clients & businesses from various Industries from service-based entrepreneurs to startups & expanding businesses, yet this is just the beginning.

Looking forward to connecting with you all as well as getting to know you all.

Who knows what we all could build together :slight_smile:


(Mac Chinsomboon) #315

Hi there, glad I found your site. I’m looking at different platforms and checked out your comparison tool, but it leaves out two platforms that I’m looking at - specifically Ning and MightyNetworks - any particular reason why those 2 are not considered? Or maybe I’m going down the wrong rabbit hole. Thanks in advance.

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(Richard Millington) #316

I probably wouldn’t include (or recommend) Ning because these days I feel the platforms best days are long behind it and I have real concerns for their future.

MightyNetworks seemed solid. They weren’t as big when we put the tool together, and aren’t as exclusively for brands as the others, but might include them in the next running as a low budget option.


(susan willner) #317

I’m here because I manage a community of 20,000 very serious Drs and Academics and only about 40% are actively involved in our communities. I inherited the communities six months ago and in about two months, we will have had them for three years. Very little organic growth left to be had so i’ve been working on targeting and marketing strategies to a) get lurkers to participate and b) new members to participate - focusing first are new members figuring if I can get them using right away (or soon after joining) then I will “have them” whereas with lurkers, I’m going to have to “fight” (so to speak) to get them to come back.

Thanks for having me!


(Piper_Wilson) #318

Actually, that number sounds awesome!


(susan willner) #319

@Piper_Wilson It is a good number - we have strong login numbers - but too many of them are lurkers - and those are the folks I want to engage!


(James Dave) #321

Hey guys, I am a newbie here and I wanted to start by saying hello to all of you. Thanks for letting me in.


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(Richard Millington) #322

Hi @jamesdave and welcome.

What brought you here?


(Alexa Kempton) #323

Hi @Piper_Wilson,
I think it’s so awesome that you’re interested in Community MGMT. I’ve found that many students don’t know much about it and the surrounding careers for it. I majored in communications and found that some of my studies related to Community MGMT. I’m sure social media will prepare you well! Good luck (:

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