First time here? Welcome!


(Julie Clarenbach) #280

Hi Community Peeps!

My name is Julie and I am the director of a very old online community (in relative online terms – 20+ years) that is at a pivot point. I heard @richard_millington speak at the CMX Summit last week and his talk was revelatory, so I’m here to learn, think through how to redesign/reframe my community, and come up with a plan for my next fiscal year.

(Piper_Wilson) #281

Hi Julie. Nice to meet you. Welcome!

(Joel Rangelle) #282

Hi @julieclarenbach and @Piper_Wilson. :grinning: What do you hope to get out of the community within the first 100 days?

(Piper_Wilson) #283

Out of this community?

(Joel Rangelle) #284

Yeah out of FeverBee.

(Piper_Wilson) #285

Well, I’ve already been here for several years. In my first hundred days, I “met” people who work in the space, felt like I had found a home of kindred spirits, and learned how much I don’t know.

I’m still learning how much I don’t know. Sometimes, I feel like I’m barely treading water in the discussions, but I hang in there.

(Julie Clarenbach) #286

I learn most by watching and listening and integrating, so I’m interested in watching what people are talking about, internalizing various best practices, and generally grabbing tiny bits of information I can assemble into an overhaul of my community!

(Emily Cowan) #287

Hey there! I’m just rolling off a contract as host/manager at Intuit’s QuickBooks Community, and I’m looking for new opportunities to work with branded communities. It’s amazing to me how many employers are using the title “Community Manager” for the role of coordinating all of the company’s social media channels - their “online community.” NOT a community at all as I understand it. Anyone else encountered this? What job titles would best reflect working in an actual community? I’ve tried “online community manager” and “online community specialist” with mixed results.

In any case, great to be here. I’ve gotten a lot out of reading @richard_millington’s work.

(Sarah Hawk) #288

SO MUCH THIS. Social media management is NOT community management.

Search for Job Title here. We’ve had a few discussions over the years which may help.

That said, the issue isn’t that you’re looking for the wrong title, it’s that employers aren’t good at writing job descriptions/want unicorns/don’t believe that community management requires a FTE.

(Paul Thorpe) #289

Hi. I’m a Product Manager at a large publisher of special interest magazines and sites. I’ve been rolling out new forums over a few of our properties, with a few more to go over the next couple of months. So, I’ve spent a lot of time both with the CMs internally and working with third-party forum providers, getting into the guts of functionality and features. I’ve also just recently been involved in a standalone communities project (based around gardening) which used open source forum software to power our own frontend.

(Cathy Homiski) #290

Thank you for the warm welcome! I help manage an online community of students in the higher education industry. Our team’s goal is directly related to engagement. Our biggest challenge is thinking of new ways to not only initially engage members, but to then _keep_them engaged. We are also preparing for a potential migration of platforms, so there’s that, too. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to being more involved here,

(John Myrick) #291

Hello, brand new here! I’m currently evaluating the idea of building a discourse community to replace our typical forum community. We run a deal community and currently only offer the forum to our subscribing members but we’ll be looking to open that up to subscribers and non-subscribers as well.

One of the things that I have been noticing is that it’s very difficult to get some users to visit the forums at all because some of them find them too difficult to navigate and others don’t find them enticing enough (too boring, not enough instant gratification compared to social media platforms, etc).

The goal that I have will be to integrate the community in to our website so that it’s easier to access it, as of right now we’re currently hosting the forums on a subdomain of the website and there’s a link to from a dropdown menu.

Anyway, that’s all for now, I look forward to poking around here and learning from others.

(Sarah Hawk) #292

Welcome on board John.

Feel free to hit me up privately if you have Discourse questions.

(John Myrick) #293

Will do! I have lots of questions :smiley:

(Laure Cast) #294

Hello community. :slight_smile: I’m a researcher as well as a community manager on the side. I’m working on a project now that aims to solve the challenge of building close-knit communities (as opposed to just a place where people like a brand and form loose ties).

There’s lots of technology out there to support communities at scale, but our goal is to help community builders with the problem of creating trust, connection, and meaningful relationships for members. This is an area where chat rooms, forums, Facebook groups and the like don’t really mimic the way “real life” communities work, where people are drawn in for the social aspects of “belonging” and making real friendships.

I’m not sure this is the right thread for getting feedback but I wanted to at least say hello!

(Anjo Gaul) #295

Hey there,
I’m Anjo and new here, but . have been working with different types of communities since a while now.
Currently I’m “transferring” from online into offline Community Management, well obviously not completely offline, but a stronger focus on people connecting in “real life”.
So one of my big challenges is:
To get people to use the online platform and generate valuable content there to while the main focus for this community is offline networking and learning events.
Basics like uploading material from the offline events is covered, but I’m happy about any additional ideas :slight_smile:


(Veronica Brashler) #296

Thanks for welcoming me, everyone!

I’m Veronica and I manage the forum for You Need A Budget. We have a small team of on-staff moderators and I get the opportunity to collaborate on design and strategy for the community!

(Nick Emmett) #297

Wowsers! It’s been a little while since I’ve checked in here - it is GREAT to see so many new people in the room! Welcome everyone, hope you’re finding loads of good information and drawing on the experiences and knowledge of everyone here!

Looking at the more recent rookies, what sort of challenges are you working on right now, where can we help you the most?
@veronica @laurex
@anjo I see you’re working on integrating the online and offline elements of your community - what’s the main purpose of your Community and who are the people coming to it? Maybe start a new post about this one? A search for Offline Community lets you inside previous conversations about the topic here

(Oren Kesler) #298

Hi everyone, I’m running communities of experts for the past 8 years. I recently discovered this community and I’m LOVING it. I would love to learn more about what helps to create a sense of community?

Thank you

(Nick Emmett) #299

Hey @orenkesler - welcome to Feverbee Experts, it’s great to hear from you?
Who are your typical members and why would they be coming to your community in general? Sense of Community has been covered here a few times but not for some time by the looks of this search - maybe good for a new thread?