First time here? Welcome!


(Chris Boardman) #260

Hi! I’ve been involved with and interested in the idea of community building for about 8 years. I recently launched an online education company after teaching graduate school for the last 6 years and a decades long career in Hollywood as a film composer, arranger, etc.etc.

I’ve worked diligently for the last 4 years to create an online presence as “the mentor guy” in my field. I have almost 5000 facebook friends, approx. 1200 likes on my FB page, 10,000 Twitter followers and 3,000 connections on Linkedin.

My challenge is to move “free” followers to paying clients. I am confident that I offer significant value in my niche…I’m hoping that by improving the value of the community I am attached to and the individual community I wish to build I will be able to change the dynamic and develop a paying clientele instead of devoting so much of my time to “stoking the fires”.

I am happy to offer my experiential knowledge as appropriate to the feverbee community and look forward to getting to know you better and finding ways I can contribute.



(Steve Burns) #261

Just joined the community. Looking forward to learning and sharing community management resources.
Steve Burns

(Nick Sandberg) #262

Hey everyone! Thanks for hosting such a great site! I am the CM over at Growers Network and my background is in agriculture and social work (strange combo, I know, but it seems to be helpful for our community). I am very new to the realm of online forums and accepted the job as CM and have been learning a lot of it on the fly.

I am always looking to find ways to beef up the engagement on our platform and any suggestions or tips on how to best increase the value of Growers Network would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for having me here!

(Nick Emmett) #263

Hey @chimimimusic - welcome aboard, it’s great to have you here, bringing tow of my “geek” things together, community and film/tv music! I think it’s important to distinguish what the difference between the two will be - what separates your paid community to your free offering? Are you even planning on continuing the former? I’d love to hear more about your WHY! Why do you have your community? Why would I come to it? why would I pay? etc.

Looking forward to following your journey :slight_smile:

(Nick Emmett) #264

Hey there @burnsie, good to have you here. Do you currently manage a Community at the moment? It’d be good to hear more about your interest here and what challenges you’re facing that we can help with :slight_smile:

(Nick Emmett) #265

Good to have you here @growernick - why do people come to the Growers Network right now? What do they currently engage about and what do they come looking for?

(Nick Sandberg) #266

Hey there @Nick_Emmett! Growers Network is the world’s first fully vetted community for cannabis professionals. The forum is private and we are currently entirely B2B focused, but are launching a site that is open to the public later this year.

Our engagement is focused on all things related to the legal cannabis industry. We host some of the greatest minds in this growing field. It’s an absolute joy to have the opportunity to interact with my incredible forum members. I am always trying to improve the quality of our engagement and have found this site incredibly useful toward that end. Any guidance or wisdom is always welcomed. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Brandon Kirk) #267

As a company we have had User Groups for quite a while with no company interaction for a while. We are now relaunching them as User Communities with the intent of making them more useful for our users and our company.

Glad to be part of this community!

(Dani Weinstein) #268

Thanks for the welcome!

Excited to join Feverbee and gain knowledge from this community while sharing my ten years of expertise in the Community and Social Media landscape.

Currently my biggest challenge is scaling the engagement of a Community that is limited to our existing customer base. The growth in traffic and consumption of page views is healthy while the engagement of active users of our core product is relatively low. Working to improve the in product experience to make community access more seamless. In parallel working to evolve more content to drive engagement.

Looking for some fresh ideas from others who are managing closed or private communities from an engagement perspective.


(Nick Sandberg) #269

Hey @daniboy !

As the CM of a rather new, private community, we are also looking to beef up discussions and engagement. We also are trying to cut down on messages that may be construed as spam from people trying to market to our core member base: growers. This has been a challenge and we have limited rolling out tagging features as a result.

Recently, in an effort to encourage a healthy medium on our forum, we promoted a Success Coach (paid) from within our own small staff. So far her job to act as a liaison between for paying members of our forum and the growers which make up our core have been met with great reviews. She has helped take on some of my forum duties and been a very helpful to effectively manage our time. Our forum engagement has increased in the short time that she has been in her new role and she has even instituted a satisfaction survey that she diligently administers. The feedback has been very helpful to our growth. Have any other CM’s taken on someone to help in this kind of role?

Also, we do an AMA every Wed with an industry leader that helps seriously beef up forum numbers and we get great feedback from these events.

These are a few things we have done in our private forum.

I would also gladly welcome any feedback on this issue as well. Thanks!

(Dani Weinstein) #270


Thanks for your insights. We don’t get a lot of spam or abusers in the community due the nature of our customer base. B2B customers who must use their corporate sign on credentials for our core product to sign in to community.

I like the suggestions around the Success Coach and AMA events. In the short term looking to kick off a guest blog to begin to feature our super users and their stories.


(Nick Sandberg) #271

Do your members pay to be in your forum? The discourse in our B2B forum is quite professional just for the fact that many professionals have paid for membership. Our TOS calls for behavior similar to decorum displayed at an industry trade show or similar event. I still try to keep the atmosphere loose and fun (our members ARE all working in the cannabis industry, after all :wink:) so the uber-professional nature of the decorum doesn’t stifle engagement. So far so good.

We also do a bi-weekly newsletter through Mailchimp and we try to feature of our Power Users in each issue. It has been an effective way to highlight community leaders and their achievements not only within our forum, but in the industry at large. I found this is an easy way to offer natural incentives to encourage engagement…but I’m still very new to being a CM…

(Tanja Laub) #272

just a quick hello from my side to introduce myself. I’m Tanja and I work as a consultant for Communities in Cologne, Germany. It is great to see such a big knowledge base here and the next few days I’ll probably be busy reading through all of this here.
Have a great weekend

(Chris Boardman) #273

Hi Nick.

My strategy, for better or worse, is to leverage my organic reach online and aggregate the community of people in my niche together around two things: mentorship/proteges and high level deep dives into the nuances of the topic (film scoring).

My initial tactic has been the creation of a FB group: “The Mentor’s Corner at Chris Boardman Media Group”. The overriding goal of this group is to promote the concept of mentorship amongst the community. This is the free portion. At the same time I am doing a live webinar, “Crib Notes” once a week as a free service for members and to attract new members. There is a cost to attending. You have to register. This creates a barrier to entry for the lurkers and builds my list at the same time. Now, for sure, lurkers are welcome on my page and in the group.

All of this activity is to gain awareness and the ability to continue on with me by taking my graduate level online film scoring class. It also provides prerequisite instruction on an informal basis that will prepare members for my master class.

The paid group will have direct access to me (and other mentors) on an ongoing basis in the form of “office hours” while taking my online Film Scoring Master Class. The online course fills a need for people who want graduate level instruction in a structured format but do not want to enroll in graduate school. The community aspect of the paid group will be exclusive access to each other and guests that I recruit for their specific benefit.

I’m looking for feedback and info about: frequency of posting new content, creating an environment where the group looks to members (crowdsource) for questions and so they can provide answers/solutions.

Does this make sense?

(Shreyas) #274

Hi Tanja! Great to see you here and welcome to FeverBee Experts :slight_smile:

(Tanja Laub) #275

Hey :wave: good to see you here :smiley: Thanks for the welcome

(Daniel Doherty) #276

Thanks Sarah, I got to meet them both last night at Nancy’s meetup :slight_smile:

(Damar Wicaksono) #277

Hi all,

I’m Damar, I’m a research engineer working on a small software development team,
creating a statistical package for computer simulation.
The team itself is attached to a university in Switzerland.
Recently, we reached a milestone of 1’500 registered users, which is a lot considering that the software is a niche.
My bosses then tasked me to start developing a user community for our software,
practically from scratch, so people can discuss their problem and thoughts.
Now, suddenly I am the “community manager” of our software.

I tried to do my research on the internet on the subject.
Although I find the project to set up a user community is fascinating and the community itself can be useful (I am a member of a community myself for some other software),
I am a pretty lost on how or where to start.

I watched a couple of @richard_millington’s talks on youtube and vimeo and was intrigued by them.
So I decided to invest on “How To Start An Online Community” and start diving in.
The course is aptly named and the syllabus looks more or less what I need.

This project will be a learning experience for myself and my bosses.
So I am a bit nervous presenting about the concept of online community to them and later on conducting a brainstorming session with them.
Perhaps anyone can give me tips (maybe from own experience)
on how to communicate stuff with the bosses when it comes to community setup and organization.

Thanks and look forward to learning from everyone here!

(Cheryl Fleming) #278

Been in marketing and advertising for 20+ years. Looking for like minded individuals interested in marketing and no just selling their product.

(Joel Rangelle) #279

Hi everyone,

My name is Joel R and I’m a long-time community admin and webmaster of my own community that’s been online for six years. It’s definitely been a trial by fire through my own experiences, but I’m looking to take it to the next level by learning about professional community management strategies.

My community only has about 3000 registered members but gets around 40,000 visitors every month. The site has an Alexa global rank of 240,00 so it’s not a new community, but it’s certainly not a large community either. It’s just my little corner of the great big Interweb :wink:

I’m especially interested in social psychology and behavioral theory, and activating my visitors and lurkers to follow along the community curve to become contributing members. I have extreme ‘participation inequality’, meaning, out of 3000 registered members I have 99% who are lurkers or non-contributors and less than 1% who are contributors. But the people who do contribute are super-contributors where over a 1/3 of the website is their content. They’re in a superuser group that I call “Champions.”

I’m open to anything and everything, and I feel like joining this community will be like drinking from a fire hose, but I’m excited and pumped!