First time here? Welcome!


(Alice May Flather) #240

Hey there, FeverBee Experts!

My organization has embarked on a Community Platform Replacement project (moving from Jive) and I was just asked to join the project team in a Project Management capacity. I recently earned my PMP certification in 2017, but the majority of my background is in Learning and Development. I am stoked about the opportunity to get to merge my 2 skill sets as well as work on a project that looks at Learning and Development in a broader/non-traditional sense (e.g. less formal eLearning/classroom training, more just in time peer-to-peer learning). To be fully transparent, I am starting from “square one” in terms of community best practices/strategy/management. The good news is that I have a great working relationship with our current Community Manager and it appears that this FeverBee Community not only is full of great resources but is also a great example of what “thriving” looks like. I look forward to engaging with you guys and learning a few things along the way!

(Richard Millington) #241

Hey @heyamay

Great to have you here and welcome!

Moving platform (especially from Jive) has certainly come up a lot at the moment. Would you like to share a shortlist of potential platforms and get feedback from members of the community?

(Alice May Flather) #242

Hi @richard_millington, Sure thing! I have been browsing a bit and seen some discussion as you mentioned sprinkled throughout. Is there a particular place or thread that is best suited for getting feedback on vendors?

(Sarah Hawk) #243

Start a new one in #platforms-technology

(Anna Keenan) #244

Hey there. I’m joining because I’m tasked with starting up an online community/communities for the international climate change campaign group There are some concerns around the idea of a global/anglophone community platform site (due to differences in political campaigning contexts, languages, and cultures between our various global regions) so now we are looking at and consulting the teams on what might be exciting community concepts based on more regional approaches.

Anyone else who has done international/multilingual community conceptualization work, I’d love to connect!