First time here? Welcome!


(Alice May Flather) #240

Hey there, FeverBee Experts!

My organization has embarked on a Community Platform Replacement project (moving from Jive) and I was just asked to join the project team in a Project Management capacity. I recently earned my PMP certification in 2017, but the majority of my background is in Learning and Development. I am stoked about the opportunity to get to merge my 2 skill sets as well as work on a project that looks at Learning and Development in a broader/non-traditional sense (e.g. less formal eLearning/classroom training, more just in time peer-to-peer learning). To be fully transparent, I am starting from “square one” in terms of community best practices/strategy/management. The good news is that I have a great working relationship with our current Community Manager and it appears that this FeverBee Community not only is full of great resources but is also a great example of what “thriving” looks like. I look forward to engaging with you guys and learning a few things along the way!

(Richard Millington) #241

Hey @heyamay

Great to have you here and welcome!

Moving platform (especially from Jive) has certainly come up a lot at the moment. Would you like to share a shortlist of potential platforms and get feedback from members of the community?

(Alice May Flather) #242

Hi @richard_millington, Sure thing! I have been browsing a bit and seen some discussion as you mentioned sprinkled throughout. Is there a particular place or thread that is best suited for getting feedback on vendors?

(Sarah Hawk) #243

Start a new one in #platforms-technology

(Anna Keenan) #244

Hey there. I’m joining because I’m tasked with starting up an online community/communities for the international climate change campaign group There are some concerns around the idea of a global/anglophone community platform site (due to differences in political campaigning contexts, languages, and cultures between our various global regions) so now we are looking at and consulting the teams on what might be exciting community concepts based on more regional approaches.

Anyone else who has done international/multilingual community conceptualization work, I’d love to connect!

(Kate Lindemans) #245

Hi everyone. I’m Kate, CM for Talk London We ask Londoners for their views on lots of different topics, both in online discussions and via surveys.
I read the Buzzing Communities book and was happy to discover this community. Looking forward to meeting new people and picking up some best practice along the way!

(Richard Millington) #246

Hey @katecrl thanks for joining us and the kind words on my book.

How can we help you here? :slight_smile:

How’s your community going so far?

(Kate Lindemans) #247

Hi @richard_millington! We’re doing good thanks and we celebrated our 6th birthday this month!

I was wondering if you (or anyone else) knew of any meet-ups or events aimed at community managers/digital engagement in London?

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

(Richard Millington) #248

There are a couple. I know @nancyjkinder runs one. Maybe she can drop in the link.

There are also the Facebook community admins meetups if you’re in the power admins UK group.

On the digital engagement side, there are tonnes of social media meetups. I haven’t personally found much value in them (it tends to attract a lot of social media freelancers looking for work), but I haven’t been in some time.

(Darren Gough) #249

This is @nancyjkinder’s group. It’s KM focussed but she announces her meetups via the group

(Nancy Kinder) #250

Thanks @richard_millington and @Darren_Gough and Hi @katecrl, congratulations on your 6th birthday.

We started some regular but very informal KM and CM meet ups in London and webinars this year, following on from what CMRGLDN used to.

We have just had a meet up earlier this month so the next one will be in September. I will confirm the date shortly. We have a group on LinkedIn for notifying people.

Here is the link -

Please join and let us know what you are interested in. Thanks

(Kate Lindemans) #251

Thanks @nancyjkinder, that sounds good!

Have a great day everyone :sun_with_face:

(Darren Gough) #252

I’m impressed I forgot to put the link in! sorry @nancyjkinder!

(sheila Hageman) #253

Hi all! Excited to be here. I currently am the administrator of The Truckers Report forum. Over the 6 years I have been Admin, it has grown immensely. I’m looking forward to learning new ideas for managing and growing our community. We have a great set of staff that help maintain the community, and I feel lucky that they all get along and we discuss issues that arise and collectively come to conclusions on how to handle situations. I’m sure as I go through the courses, I will have a lot of questions.



(Fraser Tant) #254

Hello. I’m Membership Director of a trade body called BRC, which represents UK retailers. I’m looking to create some online communities as part of a website redevelopment and am at the early stages of my exploration. Discourse looks good, and I’m wondering whether it integrates with CRM (we use Microsoft Dynamics).


(Paul Mosca) #255

Hi FeverBee Experts,

I’m building a learning platform for college students. We want to help students leverage community and collaboration during there time at Uni.


(Monica Shroff) #256

Hi Everyone!
I’m new to this group (it’s my first networking type of pots about our Community Program).

We have an established Community for our customers that I oversee where our customers can network on best practices and ideas for using our solution and discuss industry knowledge.

We do not have many processes established, guidelines listed, support, resources or staffing (I’ve heard this is a challenge with many Community Groups).

We have approx 6,000 members and approx 16,000 quest/comments a year from our customers. I’m in the process of 2019 strategic planning, establishing a vision, conveying value to our leaders (with few metrics) and creating internal partnerships to build awareness, support and visibility.
If anyone has suggestions, ideas, material, references that might be helpful…please let me know.

I’m also willing to share any knowledge I have with others if there is anything I can do to assist. Thanks in advance.

(Colleen Young) #257

Hi Brittney @thenerdynurse,
I just discovered that you’re also a member of Feverbee. Just wanted to say hi. Nice to meet beyond Twitter, etc.

(Brittney Wilson) #258

Hi @colleenyoung it’s a small world. :slight_smile:
Good to see you here.

(Dammy Tolani) #259

Hi Everyone. I’m Dammy from Lagos, Nigeria. I into service management and technology advisory. Im here to provide support and collaborate with other community members to solve societal problems with technology.

Its nice joining the feverbee community.