First time here? Welcome!


(Brittney Wilson) #219

I’m here to connect with the the community management community as I select and launch a new community platform for a healthcare learning and development company.

(Joy Stephan) #220

Hi All,

Whether on digital platforms or face-to-face, community managers are ‘my people’ so it’s great to have a community like this to jump into. Currently, my focus is on in-person communities, but I’m looking to learn more about digital communities, how they are similar to traditional communities, and what’s unique about them. I’m also wondering if others have focused on in-person communities and now find themselves working primarily on digital. If so, I’d like to learn more about your transition.

Thanks all- look forward to knowing you!

(Piper_Wilson) #221


(Laura Prerau) #222

Hi everyone! Just getting to know this space and wanted to introduce myself!

I currently work as a coordinator for an online community based in mental health. I have a background in counselling as well. My passion is the online space and connecting people as a method of support.

(Richard Millington) #223

Hi @laurap and welcome.

I really love the work you and your team do here.

What can we do to help?

(Laura Prerau) #224

Hi @richard_millington thanks! I’m pretty proud to be part of a team and online community like ours.

Whats interesting is working with members that deal with complex mental illness, means we have a focus on our duty of care as much as increasing meaningful peer support. So when thinking strategically for growth which may involve changes, we need to work on how to support our longer term superusers who have been with us from the beginning, to stay with us even though they have discomfort around change and the new community style (more people, harder to keep up with everyone’s stories, more opinions that may differ)

Then on the flip side, we struggle to stop cliquey behaviours that would discourage new members from joining in! Its a hard balance - we want peers to connect, but we also want to maintain inclusion on all spaces. Some threads will start off as an issue based thread (when is it time to tell someone you don’t feel safe) then over time as the member that posted connects and the issue dissipates…members continue to connect in that space checking in and chatting.

Sorry for the big dump here! As I continue in this community I am sure I will find correlating spaces to discuss each of these issues with other experts too!