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(Chris Green) #199

We have a community of small food & drink brands and they’re a busy bunch, yet we want to engage them to partake in group discussion as frequently as possible. The whole concept behind what we do is that collaboration is better than competition and together we can help each other to succeed.

(Nick Emmett) #200

Hey @chrisgreen12 - welcome to Feverbee Experts, it’s great to hear from you. Great job in jumping straight in with your first post!

This sounds great but as a goal to get things pumping it’s probably a little bit woolly. Really think about your community’s WHY and what the actual goal is. What do you want to achieve? Why would I come as a prospective member? Why would I engage as a signed up member? Whats in it for me? And What’s in it for you? This is an important step off point as it helps to guide you in to the kinds of interactions you can try to drive from your membership? Do you have a core group of ambassadors/advocates already, or is it too early yet?

(Piper_Wilson) #201

Hi and welcome!

(Jad Bennani) #202

Hey guys,

New in feverbee!

I am a young entrepreneur currently traveling the world (in Bali at time of writing :D) and created these 2 communities:

  • Tramigos (for profit): a for private community of passionate and super friendly travelers (highly engaged but medium interdependence between members). We are currently 200 members from all over the world and expanding everyday. We have also 10 smaller communities within Tramigos which is quite useful to increase the density of the network.

  • Plexus (non profit): a private community of young entrepreneurs with a high social capital who wants to collaborate on a global scale. We are all super engaged and interdependent from each other since working and super connected in different countries/industries. We are only 25 and all know each other so it surely helps a lot.

Building communities is my calling like most you here but I still have so many things to learn and experiment. Would love to connect with you all and help as much as I can!

I am currently looking at ways to implement some community management practices to Tramigos and Plexus. Just came across Octalysis framework which seems to be a good way to understand gamification.

(Piper_Wilson) #203

Welcome! It sounds like you’ve got a full plate! Good on you!

(Jad Bennani) #204

Just starting out! Look forward helping each other out

(Chris Green) #205

Thanks for the response. The benefit we provide is knowledge and shared expertise to help to run their food businesses. We are a relatively new community (<1 year), so community feel is low at this time and engagement prompted. If you have any tips or pitfalls then I would be happy to hear them. We are actively building a group of ‘Contributors’ and I would say we have circa 20% of our members who are very engaged and community orientated.

(alan robles) #206


Just opened a discourse forum for our poker training community. We have hundreds of members in our Discord group and they wanted more structure to their strategy discussions. Our brand cares immensely about providing a high quality community so I am here to learn how to achieve this :slight_smile:

This forum is a great example of what we would like to achieve, the onboarding process is great yet simple and effective so far.

I want to learn how to do all this, is there a place in the forum where someone offers coaching on the technical part of things? I am already convinced the community and its platform are incredibly valuable.

(Piper_Wilson) #207

Hi @orestto and welcome! Your community sounds interesting. I think @HAWK is best suited to point you in the right direction.

(Jad Bennani) #208


I am not too familiar with discourse so cannot really help.

Do you actually train the people in your community? Or it’s more about collaborative help?

(Natasha Angeline) #209

Hi there,

I’ve joined this forum today. I am Community / Project Manager professionally. I am currently working on creating a new super users program from scratch. The last time I managed a project like this was around 5 years ago so I need some refreshers. I found this forum helps me get up to speed and I’m looking forward to exchanging some ideas in this forum with you guys!

(Piper_Wilson) #210

Hi Natasha,

Welcome! It sounds like you’re in the right place. :slight_smile:

(Richard Millington) #211

Hi @natjioe

A huge FeverBee welcome to you! :slight_smile:

This might help:

What kind of community are you trying to build?