First time here? Welcome!


(Nick Emmett) #133

Hey @ljbeasley - welcome to Feverbee - apologies for the delayed response here!
Where does your need come from? Is it an organisation you work to, or belong to?

Is there a more specific ask or challenge we might be able to help you with?

(Nick Emmett) #134

Hey there @kaltman - welcome to the Feverbee community, it’s great to hear from you. Well done for jumping straight in.

Have you checked out the Feverbee Guide to Strategic Community Management? It’s a really good guide to getting yourself in decent shape and thinking more strategically. I can also recommend the Strategic community Management course that @richard_millington runs here - really great value.

At a really base level, my favourite question to start off thinking around this is why. Why do you want or need your community? Why would your members want or need to come there?

What sort of community do you have? Who are your target members?

(Richard Millington) #135

@kaltman I think you already signed up to the course as I recall? :slight_smile:

So we’ll cover that.

A short answer now is to begin with a lot of internal discussions. Some of
the recent blog posts might help too:

I’d give them both a read and see if that helps you from a blank slate?

  • Rich

(Luis Villa) #136


I’ve been, in various ways, doing community stuff for around twenty years, mostly around software but also around college basketball. I’m a programmer and attorney by training; procrastinator by nature.

Most recently, I was the head of the Community Engagement department at the Wikimedia Foundation. One of my team members there pointed me at Feverbee years ago (and praised it to the heavens!) but I’ve always been a lurker, never a participant.

I recently co-founded a company (website, but we’re pretty much in a quiet phase right now - not much to see.) I am the community guy amongst the founders, so I’m responsible for a growth-phase community for the first time in ages. This is exciting, but also comes at an obvious inflection point for all of us: with Slack, Facebook, etc., the online community world is very different than it was 3-5 years ago, so I’m not only having to relearn growth v. maintenance v. mitosis but also new tools (or old tools in new bottles - I spent most of my 20s on IRC :wink: I’m hoping participation here will help sharpen my thinking again, and look forward to participating even as I realize this community has been somewhat quiet :slight_smile:

Thanks for having me…

(Richard Millington) #137

Hi @luisvilla

Welcome to the FeverBee community.

Did you work with Philippe at Wikimedia? I was there a few months ago interestingly enough.

The new company looks exciting. Congratulations. When do you start the big push on it?

What’s the big challenge we can help with here? :slight_smile:

(Luis Villa) #138

Yeah, I worked with Philippe for 2+ years - he’s the one who introduced me to your work.

We’re very actively pushing behind the scenes; I’d expect we’ll go live with some community-facing work in late October/early November.

My macro challenge is making sure we have a community that works for our users. Our business model doesn’t need a community, but our instinct (and initial conversations) tell us that there is an underserved group of people that we can serve by providing a forum and getting the right people there. That’s of course easy to say and hard to execute on :slight_smile:

To share my immediate micro-challenge: start with Slack/Mattermost or with Discourse? Trawling for advice on that problem is the specific thing that drew me back here. This board’s discussions of ephemerality have been helpful in framing things for me, but I’ve still not come to a firm conclusion.

What would help you build a more successful community today?
(Richard Millington) #139

Ah, nice, I’m sure Wikimedia was an interesting challenge.

So one thing is to start scoping out what that concept of a community looks like (if you haven’t already).

Who’s it for, what will happen within it, what’s the goal of it, what makes it unique etc?

There’s no reason you can’t simply try both and see what sticks better.

(Luis Villa) #140

Wikipedia was many things, but never dull :wink: I still consider myself very much a part of that movement even though I’m no longer part of the Foundation.

I’m definitely already mapping out those questions - as usual, your materials are very helpful in that regard. (Looking forward to the new book!) Unfortunately I can’t join your next training but will do one in the future, I’m sure.

(Jan Lenoch) #141

Hi everyone,

Our company starts a new software-as-a-service product that allows virtually any developer (of any technology stack) to create web sites with great flexibility on one side and without the need to worry about unnecessary things on the other side. We’ve already set up some channels of supporting our community but we always like to learn and improve things, hence I’m here.

Looking forward to getting to know you!


(Nick Emmett) #142

Great to hear from you @janlenoch and welcome to Feverbee.
I also work for a SaaS company running a support style community.
Is your community live? What do you hope members will get out of coming there?

Looking forward to hearing more about your journey :slight_smile:

(Jan Lenoch) #143

Hi Nick,

Good question. The community is still below the critical mass but the good thing is that the current user base is rather active. As I’m primarily a developer, I really hope the members will always get inspiration and good advices on how they develop their websites well. This is my primary goal. But I have other benefits in mind, like the ability to influence the product (ideation), incentives and rewards, recognition of the most active members etc.

It is good to hear there’s been people here with SaaS background! Thanks for a warm welcome.


(Corinne Crabtree) #144


I am new here. I’ve been running a private member site for nearly 10 years. It’s evolved as online has evolved. Now I have a member site where we keep all of the resources and utilize Facebook to foster the community, etc.

I’m here to learn best practices to tailor education and resources to keep churn down and keep my members feeling as if the money they spend with me is a no brainer.

Thanks and looking forward to the training.

(Julie Kissinger) #145

Hi. I am new to the community today, taking the community management course. I work in communications for a hospital advocacy organization. We launched an online consumer community last year to promote wellness, provide guidance on complex health issues, and focus on hospital community health efforts across state. We use email, Facebook, and Twitter. Currently we work with a consultant partner but are taking more in-house. We need to focus on the strategic plan for the members we have and ramp up engagement.

(Richard Millington) #146

Hey @jkissinger,

Sorry missed this earlier!

Looking forward to working with you on the course.

Do you have a link to the community we can check out? We’re a big fan of links here.

(Simon Knight) #147

Hi - I am completely new here, having followed a trail from the Buzzing Communities book on Amazon. I just accepted a product and community manager role, so I’m looking for inspiration and education around what kind of strategies I should be looking at.

Currently, I just write, edit and manage other peoples content for a company blog and make sure our social media channels are kept up to date. Building an online community seems like quite a big step up, and I’m not really sure where the best place to get started is, or what tools and skills I’ll need to do the job effectively.

No doubt I’ll figure some of this out as I explore the FeverBee site some more, but in the meantime - any tips or pointers will be greatly appreciated!

(Richard Millington) #148

Hey @sjpknight

Let me be the first to give you a hearty FeverBee welcome to the collective. Thanks so much for joining us. I really hope you found the book useful.

Mind if I ask who you will be working for?

Have you checked out the resources on our front page? We share some of our best stuff there.

Do you have a sense of what the goals for the community are yet?

(Simon Knight) #149

Hi Richard. It’s a complicated setup, but ultimately I am working for Idera and will be managing the Software Testing community and products.

Goals of the community from my perspective =

  • Develop relationships with our customers, users and the wider software testing community
  • Educate, inform and entertain them
  • Elicit useful feedback regarding our products and processes
  • Share useful information about our products, driving trials and sales

(Richard Millington) #150

That’s really interesting, thanks @sjpknight

Are these goals shared by others within the organisation? Other key stakeholders etc??

If you were taking our course, I’d probably say there might be a mix of goals, objectives, and strategy in the above. The feedback seems to be the overriding goal here in terms of real value. I like the concept a lot!

(Piotr Malzycki) #151

Hello everyone, cheers from Eastern Europe :slight_smile: @richard_millington you are doing great job with roi and other materials. Quick view Who I am and what I am looking for here. Before launch I had thought “Community Manager” after 1+ year I am more product owner than community manager at all. I am looking for opportunity to exchange knowledge with others mostly from strategic point of view.

(Simon Knight) #152

Not sure whether those goals are shared with other key stakeholders or not tbh. I am carrying out research to try and form some views of my own, before I enter into those discussions - so that I can hopefully steer things in the right direction from the outset.

Time will tell, and I’ve no doubt I’ll be paying regular visits to this community to pick brains and share my experiences. Not necessarily in that order!