First time here? Welcome!


(Thomas Mort) #100

Hi everyone, I’m really happy to have found this community, it’s just what I was looking for!
I’m setting up a website which I hope to build a community into/thriving comments section, so I’ve been looking into successful websites and communities. Also, I’m doing research into online commenting/communities and recently felt like it would be a good idea to actually join a community to get a deeper understanding of what community members experience when they participate. (This little note that is popping up suggesting how to comment is a good idea).
I would like to better understand how online community managers think and operate so I think I’m in the right place. I look forward to learning and getting to know other members here. Cheers.

(Sarah Hawk) #101

You are! Welcome.

Are you able to tell us any more about your community at this point? Who is it for? Any current challenges?

(Thomas Mort) #102

I’m not sure yet, it’s very early days. I was thinking an online support community for university students, or possibly for anyone working on campaigns for charities who want to understand more about the characteristics, strengths/weaknesses and opportunities their online activities might afford. It’s evolving day by day at this point.

(Sarah Hawk) #103

Ok cool. Then I’d recommend that you read as much as you can about conceptualisation, because in our experience getting that right is make or break for the future of the community.

If you don’t nail your concept, you won’t end up with an audience that prioritises spending time at your community over the other trillion things they have going on in their lives.

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(Jason Freshly) #107

Hi friends!
I found this site and it looks like my perfect need to soak up some content, get some great ideas, and offer lessons learned. I have two niches to being here.

I manage an association of wedding professionals and my big focus is on member engagement and retention. So I am constantly finding ways to keep the community informed and active. If there are any other association or organization management folks on here, I would love to connect with you!

I am in the process of building out a community of small business owners/entrepreneurs to offer them marketing tips and tricks to help them grow their business. I have a semi engaged base of connections now and ready to take it to the next level via an app I’m working on.

I look forward to lots of fun conversations in here!

(Nick Emmett) #108

Hey @jasonfreshly, welcome to Feverbee’s Community here - great to hear from you?

It sounds like you have two very interesting communities in play - I’d be interested in hearing your WHY for both - i.e. Why have the communities? Why would I come as a member? What sort of value would I get by coming, joining and engaging etc?

What platform(s) are you using?

(Jason Freshly) #109

Hey @Nick_Emmett - Thanks for the questions!

The Wedding one is an association that is already established. I’m tasked with updating some tech and systems, then reach out to other cities with the plan of launching new chapters in the US. That community is to help with networking and education within the industry. The wedding market can still be very fragmented so we are working to create a standard and raise the bar around wedding professionals. I am finishing up a large survey to get some feedback from members and the industry to learn more about what we (the association) can do to better serve the membership and industry. I’ve been working with the team brainstorming and traveling to meet members. We use Wild Apricot as our software/site/member management tool.

For the marketing component - that’s in development. I have a vast network that I stay in touch with and want to be able to provide them with more value. I’ve been doing some internal brainstorming on the Why that I would be providing and still flushing that out while I look at the app and how it’s going to be built, function, and serve the members of it. For this, I’ve found a company called Right Mobile? (I believe that’s the parent) who is working on a platform that reminds me of WordPress for apps. Seeing the demo this week spurred my creativity to think of how I could put it to good use for myself. Hence the want to dive into some additional community management resources and see what’s out there that spur the right questions in my thought process.

(Annebeth Lasseur) #110

Thanks for this useful and warm welcome. Also good to read straight away member stories in this thread.

I’m Annebeth from the Utrecht, the Netherlands, and I’ve been working with (internal) communities for about four years now. At a new company I am now working on launching a new community tool this fall, with a long-term strategy to merge internal and external conversation, helping employees to engage with customers to drive customer success.

I can see I have some reading up to do here :slight_smile: Looking forward to getting pulled in!

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(Richard Millington) #112

This is awesome, congrats @lasseur. Where are you currently at in the launch process? Platform? First members identified? Strategy approved etc? It would be really interesting to see and learn more about this.

(Toni Ruch) #113


I’m Toni and at my company I’m in charge of building a beta community to provide all the internal development/product teams with a great source to run some customer validation on new features or products.
I’ve got interested in feverbee when I researched a way how we can bring more engagement into our community and build something that will last.
We already have a platform up and running for 5 years now and there is definitely way more we can do with this community than we currently do.
Looking forward to great conversations and insights in this community :slight_smile:

Cheers, Toni

(Annebeth Lasseur) #114

Thanks @richard_millington I think so as well :slight_smile: We are currently at the stage of approved strategy, we have selected a platform - but still tweaking functionality and design. At the moment we are identifying opportunities (use cases), trying to single out the best groups and topics to pilot with. We want to go live with first pilot groups in September/October, and the wider (1200 employee) community in December.

(Anders Thengs Kristensen) #115

Hello everyone.

I am Anders, one of the Community Managers over on and have been for the past 5 months.

When they reached out to me about the position I accepted immediately, as I was (and still am) very passionate about both the community and what we are doing over there. I had no past experience in the field, and I never received any training or guidance, so I’ve had to figure out most on my own. But when I (finally) discovered this site I realised that there is a lot more to community management than I had previously thought.

Part of me is angry with myself for not looking into resources like this earlier than I did, as I am sure it would have been beneficial to both me and the community. But at least I am here now and looking to improve.

Which brings me to a question:
In my profile preferences it wants me to select the type of community I manage from a list. But I haven’t been able to find any topic here explaining what the various types actually are. I have tried searching elsewhere as well, which has granted some insight, but not enough for me to figure out what type of community is.

So if someone could give me an explanation on what the various types listed are, I would really appreciate it.

(Bart van Bragt) #116

Hello Anders!
I suppose that ‘Internal’ and ‘Other’ are fairly self explanatory. B2B = Business to Business. B2C = Business to Consumer.
‘Special Interest’ -> looks like an extremely cool project! Should be fun working there. Probably also fairly challenging because of the expected demographics :smiley:
I’d put you in the Special Interest or B2C group.

I also recently registered on this site. I’ve been the owner of a community of ‘horse enthousiasts’ in The Netherlands for quite a few years now. We started in 2001, I was one of the phpBB developers at that time and had a girlfriend with a horse which lead me to starting this community (or ‘forum’ as it was called then).

Currently we have close to 300k accounts, 1.6M topics and close to 100 million posts. The site has been expanded with horse related news on the frontpage, a marketplace, a wiki. We have a very large group of volunteers (approx 50), there is a kind of ‘ombudsman’, people responsible for news, the wiki and most volunteers are moderators.

In those years we learned a LOT about community management, 99% of it the hard way because sites like didn’t really exist when we started. Seems like I can learn a lot of the participants here, the information on the main site is also on my readinglist :slight_smile: Also hope to give something back by way of sharing experiences.

(Tatiana Bonneau) #117

Hello everyone! I am very glad I found this thread here as I was getting totally lost!:))

Have a lot of catching up to do with all the chats and projects so that will take some time but just wanted to pop in and introduce myself. I am the Marketing Director of We are quite new (only been around for 4 months!) so it’s all very much a mayhem still as any startup would know but all fun and a great experience. I will sure be back with whatever I can be of use to anyone and a gazillion questions, just give me a while to get used to it all!

See you all around!

(Shreyas) #118

Hey @nawthor,

Welcome to FeverBee Experts.

I can completely relate to this. But this community is super friendly and helpful. So if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

I have this description provided by @HAWK. This was pretty helpful for me.


I’d say falls under B2C.

(Shreyas) #119

Hello & welcome @bartvb!
I love how you’ve build a team of 50+ volunteers. I’d love to take a look a the community, if you can share it publicly or via DM.

15+ years of running this community, I’m sure you’d have a lot to share with the Experts community.

(Shreyas) #120

Hello & welcome @tatiana.bonneau!

Just checked out a couple of AMA’s on AMAfeed. Looks pretty interesting.

Absolutely! :slight_smile:
I also have a question about the platform- apart from aggregating AMA’s, can we start AMA’s natively on the website?