Finding community founders. What can be automated?

(Cristina Salzillo) #1

I am in the exciting process of guiding the inception phase of a community. We are looking for our founders.
I was wondering if you know any software that can help us identify users with a specific set of characteristics saving us from surfing all the channels where we could find these people.
I also need geographic specification, so I need the software to filter people from a specific country or at least speaking the language.

(Adrian Speyer) #2

Not sure your budget, or if I understand the question, but you can look at:

It helps you identify audiences based on various topics.

There is also

(Cristina Salzillo) #3

Thanks Adrian! I think I can pull some budget out of it as we are currently paying agencies to recruit people for our beta testing, so I wanted to shift that budget in finding founders and then ask them to test the app.
I have requested a demo of brandwatch, the second seems more to find influencers. I am not necessarily looking for people that have a lot of followers but more that are very active on the subject.

(Richard Millington) #4

One thing I’d note here is that existing influencers are VERY hard to get to join a new online community. They tend to have their own audiences and it doesn’t make much sense for them to start something new.

If, given the choice, I’d strongly recommend finding people that are very passionate about the topic and work from there. They won’t have the biggest following, but it’s usually passion you need at the early stages.

(Kenneth F) #5

Hi there,

This is my first post on Feverbee … I’ve been searching for guidance on building communities and I stumbled upon this thread!

To answer the original query, there is a startup company in Waterloo, Canada that has a great service (which is free to start) and which allows you to search for Twitter and Instagram micro influencers. You can search using all kinds of filters, including keywords, hashtags, geographic region, etc.

That might be a good way to help you find passionate people - the sort of founders you may be seeking!