Finding a platform that can have these 5 features

(Katelyn MacKenzie) #1

Hey hey!

So we started by looking at Salesforce communities for our new forum. It will be a Support style forum for 2 of our clients all under one answer site though. We found out that Salesforce will not let us have 2 separate forums or have a way to set permissions that can divide the customer base into “2 groups” without massive customization.

Now I am on the hunt for another platform… Here are the key features that are deal breakers, anyone with some insight would be great! I need to make sure there are no free ones or inexpensive ones before we look into Lithium (already using the social support tool by them).

  1. Works with our existing SSO which is with Salesforce that directs them to the answer site
  2. The ability to grant moderator abilities to “super users” in the group until we have the bandwidth to hire a full-time community manager internally.
  3. Be able to integrate with salesforce (this can be a customization) but since this is a support forum we need to be able to create cases if questions go unanswered
  4. The forum needs to be locked behind a login (which should be their SSO) we do not want this to be a public forum
  5. We have 2 different products that are all under the same department, as said above we need to have 2 forums or a way to restrict access so that the client only sees what is relevant to their product. We have Customer A who has a different product than Customer B and if they can see the same forum it will spark issues because they do not have the same product and if theres a bug we do not want red flags for the wrong customer.

Sorry for this being lengthy (and yes I am toying with the comparison tool)
Thanks :slight_smile:

(Bas van Leeuwen) #2

Discourse could work :slight_smile:

  1. Discourse is built to use external SSO; will depend a bit on Salesforce
  2. comes out of the box
  3. that’s probably custom, will depend on Salesforce I guess. Discourse allows you to do custom querying for e.g. “threads older than 48 hours with no reply”
  4. out of the box
  5. just a matter of assigning them to certain groups and restricting categories to specific groups

(rhogroupee) #3 would meet all of those requirements, and I’d be happy to demo for you if you think we might be a good fit. (I typically don’t jump in with a sales pitch, but you asked :slight_smile:

(Katelyn MacKenzie) #4

Thanks for that info :slight_smile: I did just find out that for the Salesforce integration its actually just so it works with the SSO since they have a help center/answers site that was built using salesforce. We dont really need to create cases from the forum.

I really like how easy you just made 5 sound! You have no idea how complicated it would have been using salesforce communities!

(Katelyn MacKenzie) #5

I am totally ok with a sales pitch! We are going through an acquisition right now so since we cannot do it through salesforce the process to move forward will be slow since we have to pay for it. I have never used or seen a community in so I would be intrigued to see how it works

(Sarah Hawk) #6

Ha. @Bas_van_Leeuwen has done my job for me but if you have other questions, ask away.

(Katelyn MacKenzie) #7

Haha Suzi and I were talking about that yesterday on FB. But yes I will definitely have some questions for you!

(Nick Emmett) #8

I take it you don’t want any cross-pollination of your two clients? You don’t them to talk to each other?

How about using Chatter and groups, each client then could have it’s own group, closed access (if that’s what you need). Or you could have product related groups instead, then your clients could simply join the group that was relevant to them.

(Martijn Terpstra) #9

Hey Katelyn, the inSided platform also meets these requirements, if you’re interested in having a chat please let me know and I’d love to speak further about your requirements and community objectives :slight_smile: Thanks!