FeverBee SPRINT San Francisco - Meeting, Planning and Co-ordinating Thread

(Richard Millington) #21

Awesome @Priscilla_DOliveira_

We might try to organise a pre-event meetup during the week, but it’l lbe informal. Our big one is the afterparty after the event.

Mind if I ask what you paid for the holiday inn?

(Priscilla D'Oliveira Friedman) #22

Paid around 250 which is a good price for the area.

(Sarah Hawk) #23

I encourage anyone to use this thread to plan that kind of thing.

I’ll keep it updated with anything informal that we plan.

(Tashina Combs) #24

If anyone needs help figuring out areas and transit let me know! :slight_smile: As someone in that area, I’m happy to help.

(Sarah Hawk) #25

I get in the weekend before and would be keen to hear which bars in the area would be good for a cocktail. Are there any SF institutions that shouldn’t be missed @tashinacombs ?

(Tashina Combs) #26

Oh man. I’m really simple when it comes to that stuff and typically prefer a beer at home. BUT, I asked some of the others at my office for their suggestions - Rickhouse, Local Edition, Novela, 15 Romelo, Comstock Saloon and Bourbon & Branch were at the top of the list. If you like the cheesy stuff, I suggest The Tonga Room too.

(Richard Millington) #27

I just booked a place in airbnb for 3 of our team.

It was central and came to about $190 each per person per day. Which is high, but having a kitchen means we’ll probably save $50 to $70 each on food per day.

(Roy Munin) #28

I’m booked at the Social SF hotel for the week, at $54 per day, at Telegraph Hill. Sounds from the description that they have a great community vibe, to go along with the conference theme :slight_smile:

(Sarah Hawk) #29

Ha, that place looks amazing! It reminds me a bit of the places that we used to stay at for school camps.

I look forward to meeting you next week @Roy_Munin (welcome to the community, btw).

(Richard Millington) #30

that is pretty ingenious @Roy_Munin. Looking forward to meeting you.

(Roy Munin) #32

Haha I hope that’s a good thing! Thanks, happy to be here & looking forward to meet you at the conference.

(Sarah Hawk) #33

Definitely a good thing. My earliest positive community associations are from those camps. I’d get home after an amazing, connected week and feel really depressed about being alone!

(Ivonne Grantham Smith) #34

Is anyone from Phoenix attending Feverbee?

(Katie Bapple) #35

Hey Ivonne,

Looks like I jumped into this thread with amazing timing. I will be there with 2-3 other colleagues; we are based in the Phoenix Area. Would love to connect!


(Kristina King) #36

Has anyone been to one of those conferences/workshops before, or anything like it? I’m trying to determine what I should pack. Do I need my laptop for taking notes, or could I get by with an iPad? I want to focus on the conference and not work, and I’m less likely to look at what’s going on in my community if I’m relying on an iPad.

Hmm, maybe I just answered my own question.

(Sarah Hawk) #37

Haha, hearing you. I always take a laptop with me because I like it for note taking, but you do have to be disciplined.

It will be helpful to have your laptop (or ipad) for my workshop.
I have printouts for you to work off if you choose not to bring it, but the experience will be better if you do.

(Laura Garrison-Brook) #38

Hi all, I will be joining you from Atlanta, GA. I am also doing the AirBnB thing and got a cool place in Lower Haight for $120 a night. Currently in sunny Las Vegas - working half time and playing half time!

See you all soon!

(Sarah Hawk) #39

Sounds good. We’re currently in rainy, thundery San Francisco! This is not what people told me California was like. :wink:

(Laura Garrison-Brook) #40

Yeah, unfortunately San Francisco doesn’t quite match up with its sunny southern neighbors of LA, San Diego, etc. Here’s to hoping that it clears soon!

(Sarah Hawk) #41

Today is stunning.