FeverBee SPRINT San Francisco - Meeting, Planning and Co-ordinating Thread

(Richard Millington) #1

We’re now just 3 months away from this year’s FeverBee SPRINT event.

This year we’ve created a thread for people to co-ordinate travel plans, arrange joint accommodation (airbnb) ask questions, get support, or just otherwise chat about all things related to the event.

So if you’re coming, let’s hear you.

(Sarah Hawk) #2

I’m looking forward to meeting some of you in real life (including half my colleagues!).

(Steven Cyrkin) #3

Got news for you Hawk:

This IS real life now.

(Richard Millington) #4

We’re going to have hotel information / deals here soon.

I think the FeverBee team will probably book an Airbnb for the week. So this thread might be a good place to organize things like that.

(Gear Buzz) #5

Is this for London?

(Richard Millington) #6

San Francisco, we’ll do the london one soon.

(Sarah Hawk) #7

I’ve had a couple of emails from people asking for recommendations for places to stay. Because I live on the other side of the world, I’m not best equipped to answer, but I thought I’d share the recommendation that the conference organiser shared with me.

The Clift Hotel is on the same street as the venue (405 Geary Street).

(Gear Buzz) #8

Need to make that thread title clearer please.

(Sarah Hawk) #9


(Kristina King) #10

That is a very spendy hotel! I wonder if anyone else familiar with San Francisco has some suggestions? My budget doesn’t cover a rate like this.

(KiheiMan) #11

SF is expensive and if you want the convenience of walking distance to the venue then you won’t find anything there economical. My suggestion is to Google for hotels/motels outside of SF but before giving them your card for deposit, make sure you are walking distance from a BART station. This opens up more economical places to stay in the Oakland, Fremont, Berkeley and El Cerrito areas in the East Bay as well as a bunch of places on the Peninsula.

I live in the East Bay and will be BART’ing there myself.

(Richard Millington) #12

Hotels are a pain even with a bulk discount. I’d say get an airbnb with others from here. That’s what the FeverBee team is doing. This thread is a good place to organise it.

(Richard Millington) #13

As rob says, anywhere on Bart line is pretty good.

(Piper_Wilson) #14

Or @HAWK - Any word on hotel deals, if any?

(Sarah Hawk) #15

Let me chase this up and get back to you @Piper_Wilson

Edit: From my own experience of searching for accommodation for the following week, even good hotel deals don’t compare to high end AirBnB pricing. The advice that I have if you’re going to AirBnB is that Russian Hill, North Beach, Nob Hill and the Mission district are good options. Civic Center, Mid-Market, Tenderloin, Hunter’s Point, Bayview and Excelsior are areas to stay away from.

(Sarah Hawk) #16

Hi again @Piper_Wilson – we have a deal for cheap drinks at the Clift Hotel but as far as I know we haven’t made any block accommodation bookings. I think AirBnB is your best bet. I’ll loop in @richard_millington for any extra insight here though.

(Bill Johnston) #17

Unfortunately you can expect to pay at least $200 / night for a room near Union Square in SF. Some hacks to get around this are: AirBNB (has been mentioned), staying in Larkspur and taking the ferry into / out of the city, staying somewhere on the Bart line (east bay / berkley) or staying somewhere south of the city and taking Caltrain up.

Hotel Zephyr (which is in SF but a bit of a haul from the venue) looks cool and looks to have rooms for ~$170.

(Simona Ciampi) #18

Hi, thanks for creating this thread. I was unsure about location since on Conservatory Theather website there are 3 mentioned in 3 different places. So we are at the 495 Geary Street both days, correct?

(Sarah Hawk) #19

I’m glad you checked in @Simona because I’ve just double checked and both days are actually at 405 Geary Street.

(Priscilla D'Oliveira Friedman) #20

Thanks for inviting me to this group. I booked my hotel at the holiday inn Union Square and will be there both days. I am the only person going for my company and would love to know any meet up place and network opportunities.