FeverBee Podcast 34 : Kim England

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Kim England is the Global Internal Community Director for Pearson, and spoke at February’s SPRINT Europe event.

About Kim

On a daily basis, Kim manages a combined community of 42,000 Pearson employees on the Jive platform, and is responsible for the community’s overall strategic direction. Additionally, Kim supports all of the internal collaboration training needs, moderation, and helps leaders and business units within Pearson develop their own business collaboration strategies.


Kim and I really centered our conversation around some of the specific insights that she discussed in her talk at SPRINT in February.

  • On launch strategy: “Build up a cross-functional group of evangelists to soft launch with, and get active. Then involve your executives.”
  • On advocate/ champion programs: “Understand that your program must evolve along with your community. What you need during Year 1 won’t be what you need in Year 4.”
  • On trusting your community: “I’m ok with Secret Groups because it’s important for new members to get comfortable and feel like they’re not screwing up.”
  • On sourcing use cases: “When you ask people to tell someone else’s story, you tend to get a lot more submissions.”
  • On securing buy-in: “The leaders who resist the most typically boils down to a lack of understanding.”

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