FeverBee Podcast 28 : Sarah Judd Welch

(Sarah Hawk) #1

Sarah Judd Welch, CEO and Head of Community Design at Loyal, joins us to tackle one of the more challenging issues that community builders run into: selling the value of your community to your executive team.

About Sarah

Sarah Judd Welch is CEO and Head of Community Design at Loyal, a community development studio based in NYC. Prior to Loyal, Sarah worked on community with TaskRabbit, Contently, Kik and Catchafire, and in former lives, for Hillary Clinton and Goldman Sachs. She believes that community is the future of society and economy on the Internet.

You can say hello to her on Twitter - @sjw.


Sarah and I kicked off the conversation by jumping right into the deep end. What’s the first thing you should do when you realize you need to sell, or even re-sell, your value? Our conversation took off from there.

  • “It’s very challenging because it rocks you to your core.”
  • “Understand when you’re making a strategic mistake, versus an execution mistake.”
  • “It’s like A/B testing… on the fly!”
  • “Social media is to community, as a graphics are to design.”

Additionally, you’ll learn:

  • What you should know about your leaders before you set that meeting
  • What’s unique about communicating with senior leadership
  • The biggest misconceptions leaders have about community initiatives
  • Sarah’s secret inspiration for community building


  • Community.is — Sarah’s amazing new content platform packed full of community resources and related ideas. It has officially launched, so go check it out!
  • Design Is A Job by Mike Monteiro — Mike’s Twitter account is supposed to be quite amazing too.
  • Businessology by Dan Mall — Accidentally referred to this as “Schoology” on the show, this podcast focuses on selling into creative services.

What do you think?

Selling value to your executive team is hard for a lot of different reasons. What do you struggle with? What are your suggestions?