FeverBee Podcast 27 : Blake Morgan

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Blake Morgan, Social Media Program Manager, Digital Support at Intel, joins us on the show to dish about one of her favourite topics — content strategy.

About Blake

Blake Morgan is a strategist who focuses on social media, customer support, and community. She’s currently the Social Media Program Manager for Digital Support at Intel, the VP of Marketing for the Bay Area chapter of the Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals, and is also a Forbes columnist.

Blake believes that engaging over-the-moon GOOD content is hard to come by, and has spent her career in pursuit of powerful content while still focusing on customer strategy, influencer engagement, communities and social media. She feels social has provided us with an unprecedented opportunity to engage. Now, it’s NOT about how fast we can publish, but about what is really smart content, really smart engagement strategies, and really stand-out experiences. Prior to her role at Intel she has worked with Verizon Wireless, Newmark Knight Frank Retail and a variety of small businesses.


Content is the heart and soul of any online community. It fosters engagement, builds relationships, and most of all, it breeds trust.

  • “No matter who owns the community, the goal of content should always be to provide value.”
  • “Think about your PURPOSE.”
  • “Storytelling is a powerful way to make a point.”
  • “The worst thing you can do is go out there and talk about yourself!”

You’ll learn:

  • The importance of storytelling in a community strategy
  • The difference between re-imagining content and recycling content
  • Tips for building your personal influence with content
  • The role content plays in community-based support


Blake shared several helpful resources on the show. Here are the links, along with a few extras!

What are your thoughts on our conversation? What does your community’s content strategy look like?