FeverBee Podcast 26 : Matt Doris

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Matt Doris, Head of International Community Programmes at Etsy, joins us for the 26th episode of the FeverBee podcast.

About Matt

As the leader of Etsy’s International Community Programmes team, Matt Doris is focused on driving initiatives that help develop Etsy’s people powered marketplace around the world. Matt joined Etsy in early 2013 after spending several years at Facebook where he founded the European Customer Marketing team and focused on creative solutions for major brand partners. Previous to Facebook, Matt was an early Googler: Over 7 years at the company, he established and ran a number of sales & operations teams across offices and markets including Ireland, the UK and India.

In his spare time, Matt can be found fine tuning his Etsy Vintage store and watching movies obsessively.


Matt gave us an inside look into the Etsy Teams program, which is a crucial piece to their international community strategy.

  • “From our perspective, Teams really exemplify the community and cooperation that is at the heart of Etsy.”
  • “It’s about collaboration, and raising awareness of the Maker movement all together.”
  • “Our CEO makes sure that the connections between the folks building our product and the folks using our product are maintained.”
  • “Community is about the human connections, and when you make those connections you’ll thrive.”

You’ll learn:

  • How Etsy goes about building community from the ground up in new markets
  • How Matt brings his global community of Makers together
  • What Etsy does with the direct feedback they receive from their community members
  • What value Etsy sees from supporting their Teams programs


Below are the resources mentioned in today’s show, along with a few extras:

I really enjoyed talking with Matt about how Etsy leverages their community on a holistic level, and am so impressed with the level of detail they put into their community programs. How do you recognize and reward the top members in your community?

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