FeverBee Podcast 23 : Sara O'Connor

(Sarah Hawk) #1

Sara O’Connor joins us this week to share her experience building a unique online community that speaks to the wildest of imaginations.

About Sara

Sara is the Digital Fiction Director for Hot Key Books and Picadilly Press, a book publisher based out of the UK. She’s focused on generating conversation around the books that they publish, getting their readers involved in innovative and meaningful ways, and building partnerships.


  • “I wasn’t saying, ‘Can you give me 50 grand to set this up?’”
  • “Give people a common enemy to hate, and they’ll bond around it.”
  • “It’s ‘collaboratively creative!’”
  • “Engaging with people in a genuine and meaningful way… it’s hugely self-satisfying, so long as it can be integrated within the product in an equally meaningful way.”

Additionally, you’ll learn:

  • A new way to approach ideation communities
  • How Sara secured buy-in for her wonderful idea
  • How she has successfully managed appropriate behavior in a community filled with school children
  • What success looked like for her and her team