FeverBee Podcast 21 : Justin Isaf

(Sarah Hawk) #1

Justin Isaf joins us this week to talk about one of his favorite topics… moderation!

About Our Guest

Justin is a 10 year veteran Online Community Manager with a background in building highly leveraged communities in news, media, gaming, customer support, travel, finance and social activism with up to 7 million comments a month. He enjoys designing, building and implementing social systems which re-define the way people think of communities online.

He’s also a prevalent speaker, most recently in Sydney for the SWARM conference, and he’s also speaking at our SPRINT conference in San Francisco on October 30th. Don’t miss out!


How Justin really feels:

  • “There’s no right to freedom of speech on commercial websites.”
  • “Guidelines are for suckers.”
  • “Don’t be that guy.”
  • “Curation focuses on the good stuff - aim to be here!”

You’ll also learn:

  • Justin’s philosophy behind moderation
  • Why guidelines aren’t really worth your time
  • Which tools can help up your moderation game
  • What the emerging trends are