FeverBee Podcast 20 : Jen Sable Lopez

(Sarah Hawk) #1

Jen Sable-Lopez, Director of Community for Moz, joins us to share her SEO secrets.

About Our Guest

This week I had the opportunity to interview Jen Sable Lopez, Director of Community for Moz.

Jen has a rich background in journalism and web development, which helped her to hone her career in SEO. Several years ago she transitioned from being an SEO Consultant through Moz, to championing their community efforts. As result of Jen’s incredible leadership, the Moz community has morphed into an industry leader that has even the most seasoned of community pros drooling. Along with being a genuine force to be reckoned with, Jen stays quite active in the broader SEO community at large. She frequently attends industry events, speaks at conferences, and publishes the occasional blog post.


In our conversation, Jen and I naturally focused our conversation on how SEO plays into community building.

  • “SEO is getting people to find your site and stay there.”
  • “The user has the intent of finding something specific. It’s not the same as someone browsing Twitter.”
  • “Don’t have judgements towards what someone could be searching for.”
  • “You can do a lot with Google itself!”

Additionally, you’ll learn:

  • How Jen’s team has set the tone for a productive experience
  • Jen’s tips for getting started with SEO
  • Where you can get free keyword insights
  • Jen’s favorite SEO myth to dispel

Resources Mentioned