Feverbee Podcast 17 : Ben Munoz

(Sarah Hawk) #1

Our guest this week is Ben Munoz, founder of Ben’s Friends, a network of patient support communities.

About Our Guest

In 2006, Ben suffered a rare form of stroke related to an aneurysm. During his lengthy recovery, Ben was unable to find the support he was looking for on the internet. He figured there had to be other folks online with the same condition, so he decided to create AVMSurvivors.org in late 2007 to find others like him. Since then, his mission has been to make sure that no survivor of a rare disease is without the support network they need. Ben’s Friends is a certified 501 © 3 non-profit, and powers 36 different patient support communities.


To start the conversation, Ben gave deeper insight into his journey in creating Ben’s Friends.

  • “Every community begins with a need.”
  • “Your first members are the hardest!”
  • “There was no magic. Just hard work.”
  • “If people genuinely care you can afford to make mistakes.”

You’ll also learn:

  • How Ben grew his first few communities
  • The secret to a good domain name
  • The importance of building trust with community members
  • How Ben gives back to his Moderators

Resources Mentioned

Tribes by Seth Godin