FeverBee Podcast 16 : John Baku

(Sarah Hawk) #1

This week we’re joined by John Baku, founder of FetLife.com (NSFW).

About Our Guest

This week we’re joined by John Baku, founder of FetLife.com (NSFW).

In this interview, John candidly claims that he started FetLife to, “start a fight with the adult industry.” In the 7 years since FetLife’s inception, John has managed to build the largest BDSM and Fetish community on the internet boasting over 3 million members worldwide.

John will also be joining us as a speaker at our upcoming SPRINT event in San Francisco.


John and I kicked off our conversation talking about why he started FetLife, and how features balance with comfort and inclusion to grow the community.

  • “Being alone is one of the worst feelings in the world.”
  • “If the community doesn’t like [a feature], we’re not afraid to revert it.”
  • “[Brands], are you willing to put your needs aside for the interests of your customers or your community?”
  • “When people care a lot, they’ll start to make the right decisions without requiring a manual.”

Additionally you’ll learn:

  • John’s principles for community design
  • How not to implement a voting system
  • Why John hates the word “moderation”
  • How they ensure high quality user-generated content

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