FeverBee Podcast 14 : Joe Cothrel

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This week we’re very fortunate to be joined by Joe Cothrel, Chief Community Officer for Lithium Technologies.

About Our Guest

Joe is truly a pioneer in the field of online community management. He joined Lithium in 2006 as VP of Community Management Services, and helped enhance Lithium’s deployment process by adding a management track that ensures customers have the policies, processes, and structure they need for the success. He’s also played a key role in the development of moderation and social media success consulting services, and also created Lithium’s first certification program. More than 300 companies on four continents have created successful social programs by following his advice and guidance!


Joe and I began our conversation by talking about his latest book, Social Customer Experience, and then moved on to chatting more about the role of online communities in a brand’s customer experience strategy.

  • “Facebook is who you are. The community is who you want to be.”
  • “There’s not a close enough marriage between support and marketing organizations”
  • “Just because the conversations are transactional doesn’t mean that it’s not a community”
  • “[Community managers] can’t do it all themselves. They definitely need support”

Additionally, you’ll learn:

  • Where engagement with your customers actually happens
  • Why you should remind community members of the value of their content
  • The importance of a tactical plan (spoiler alert: it drives interest)
  • How email newsletters can drive internal support

Resources Mentioned

Joe’s book: Social Customer Experience

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