Feedback on the FeverBee Website


(Richard Millington) #1

Hey everyone,

After around 4 months of craziness, I’ve finally got a little time to start making improvements around the FeverBee website.

I’m not going to do a big overhaul at this stage (maybe next year), but I’d love to get a sense of what you like about it, what you don’t like, which areas resonate best with you, and which don’t?

What else would you like to see? Which areas make you more or less likely to work with us or take one of our training courses?

Any feedback would be warmly welcomed.

(Shreyas) #2

I really like the popular resources section on the homepage. I hope that doesn’t go away. The course section(, could use some work. I see testimonials for the Consultancy part on the website by various clients, but none for the courses on the website. What’s funny is that outside of FeverBee, I’ve seen various people who’ve taken the courses, recommend it to others on Slack, Facebook etc. :slight_smile:

(Roland King) #3

thanks a lot for this dub3buggi3.
what might be improving the site is adding some tags so people can find whatever they need quickly. just my opinion though.

(remah) #4

I think that I’m unlikely to work with you or to take one of your courses unless I start managing a community again. While here I have gained a lot of worthwhile understanding, first by lurking and then by joining in this forum.

What I would like to see is more engagement. The website itself works well but there is something missing in engaging with community members, new and old, who aren’t your customers. From my perspective the last year or so has been increasingly barren and I haven’t been sure why you would let the community slide. Perhaps it is because Feverbee reps have been too busy with other tasks.

Whatever the reason, there are so many signs of disengagement from my perspective. It may look very different from your side. But from here, I see new users receive no visible response, or encouragement, e.g. this new user makes one post as a new topic and disengages quickly:

Maybe that user has been engaged through other means but I doubt it:
Joined Sep 21
Last Post Oct 18
Seen Oct 20

Anyway, I’m disengaging too because the return is too low for me. I’ve been visiting 425 of the last 598 days so It isn’t because of low commitment on my part. Where I was once captivated by your community I’m now confused about its purpose. But I will continue to recommend that community developers and managers have a look here.

(Richard Millington) #5

Hi @remah thanks for the feedback. I agree with most of what you say.

When we began this community, our business goal was to use it as a way of getting clients.

In practice, it wasn’t a great tool for that and we have more clients than we need these days anyhow. So it doesn’t make sense just yet to invest heavily with that purpose. It is however a fantastic way of learning more about our audience, what they need, and collecting feedback on the book/other major content projects.

i’ve asked a couple of times here what direction people might like to take it in, i’m keen to carve out a more unique and cutting identity, but the general response was to keep it much the same as it is now. People seemed to like an open, less busy, place to discuss all things community.

So it’s a collection of a few things. Not replacing @HAWK when she left, plenty of other great places to talk about community, and an unclear community concept. I did suggest closing it down once to let people focus on other places, but people didn’t seem happy with that easier.

What I’ll probably do between now and the new year is make a decision on what direction to take this in. i don’t think we need another generalist community out there. So it will probably be more exclusive, have a clear focus on a subsection of the topic, and better resourced. it will most likely direct to one of our immediate business goals better than it does today. So give me a few weeks to work on that.

For now however, I’m ok with people dropping in and visiting whenever and however best suits them. I like having a quieter places to chat with people i like.

(Richard Millington) #6

Aside, was playing around and came up with this as a wireframe.

Do you like it more than what we have now?



(remah) #7


You greet me first which is more normal behaviour. The current message is too confronting if I felt either my community or myself were dispensable.

The current personalisation of statistics is interesting but I could never work out what that actually meant and why I would care.

But couldn’t you get a better stock photo … just joking. :grin:

(Sarah Hawk) #8

I’m not a fan. I think it’s quite wordy, a bit too markety and I think the ‘design world class websites’ is a bit ambiguous – it sounds like you actually design websites.

(Richard Millington) #9

Is it you’re not a fan of the words or you think the design is worse than what we have now?

(Sarah Hawk) #10

Both TBH.

(Joel Rangelle) #11

Everyone’s a critic :joy:

I only have two suggestions related to pain points with the existing design:

  • Login on the main website versus login versus to the community. Its a tad confusing when there are separate logins (or it looks like SSO).
  • Splash banner on the forums. It was helpful the first three times. Now it just takes up valuable space on the forum index.

I also really enjoy your daily articles so I wish they had more prominence on the homepage for easier access. You also have a ton of other amazing resources like your conference videos and templates, so I wish you would cycle through those more as well as evergreen content.

(Richard Millington) #12

Thanks both

@HAWK what would you do differently?

@joelr yes, sorry, not sure how to fix that at this point. I’m not focused on the feverbee experts community for feedback right now. You can minimize much of the banner though in the button on the top right.

You don’t think the articles are very prominent on the homepage today? They’re just below the logos in the second row.

(Laura Albiol) #13

Hi Richard, I’m quiet new, I just landed in feverbee but my first impression is very good! There is not mess. It has a clear content structure, and high quality opinions

(Gerry Crispin) #14

Appreciate your comments Richard. I’m new to this site and fascinated by aspects of community building. Just moving around and observing is a learning event into itself. I support a closed community of professionals who are Talent Acquisition leaders in large enterprises. I limit the members who participate to folks with strong interests in a certain style of learning…peer-to-peer…and to those who are already clients. Been doing it for 20 years. So I am interested in alternative approaches like yours. While I haven’t attended any of your courses (and I’m sure they are amazingly interactive), it’s my opinion that combination of online ‘community’ coupled with periodic face-to-face events developscommunity best when every individual is in control of their learning, fearless about sharing, caring for others success and, to the extent possible, capable of differentiating (and appreciating) opinion and evidence. Plenty of opportunity to build/enhance those characteristics with courses at some level, but if free, they might lead to more clients and advanced learning that increases to the point that folks pay to participate in a ‘masters of community program’ because you facilitate learning between those that can take ownership of their experience. Now, I don’t do that so I’m speculating. I start by first assessing whether a leader can participate…fewer clients surely but it is the most satisfying. Seems to me your model could embrace a much larger, broader approach under the guise of community in a dozen+ levels that could support some serious research. Thanks for the opportunity to learn

(Richard Millington) #15

Hi @gerrycrispin thanks for joining us here!

I appreciate your thoughts and we look forward to learning from you.