Feedback on an examples project


(outofthebox) #21

Rich, I think you set the vision for what you want the resource to be. Then you invite different sectors to contribute: vendors, CMs, etc. If their contributions are helpful, great. If they’re not, too bad. Be a benevolent dictator. If one vendor gives you an awesome list and keeps it updated, take it. If another vendor gives you a lousy list and it quickly gets out of date, too bad. If CMs submit their community and you (or the community of reviewers) don’t like it, too bad. Perhaps after a year or two the project will have more clarity, but I think at the start you have to set the bar and clarify exactly what kinds of contributions will be rewarded.

(Richard Millington) #22

This is really interesting, thanks. The only challenge is whether it works with the plugin we’re using. We have some limitations here.

I’m pretty open to ideas for the best way to keep this updated and maintain it. Vendors is probably the most reliable, but I can see some challenges with that. Encouraging membersr to submit their own sites works fine in theory, but risks the issues that most people might not do it :slight_smile:

@outofthebox you’re right in many ways. I haven’t made a decision precisely on the judging criteria yet. I’m interesting in this being two things:

  1. The biggest and best database of brand communities.
  2. A showcase of best practice in many different sectors.

The implementation idea was interesting, but I’m not sure I want the implementation to be the only thing here.

So, yes, still open to ideas.

(Robert Hopman) #23

See,, or for other overview, filter, rate and search functionality examples.

I like the examples project.

(Chris B) #24

A “Report or Request change” or similar so that CM’s or vendors can request or provide updates to existing records (in the case of a platform change for example) that can be reviewed and adjusted once verified.

What about a field for “Implementation by” or similar? :blush:

(Caroline Sekar) #25

This is really neat. I’m always looking for interesting examples from other communities. I agree with a number of folks here that the “ratings” seem a bit odd - who is supposed to be rating the communities? Community members? UI folks? Whoever-wants-to-but-we-don’t-know-who-they-are? What are they rating the community about? Engagement? The company the community represents? etc. So I might steer away from the rating and just have a directory, perhaps with the ability to comment, and perhaps with the ability for the “Verified community manager” (or something like that) to comment in some official capacity.

But all in all, this looks great!!

Side note: There seem to be a couple of small issues with your “Sectors” filter - two “Lifestyle” categories, and one for “Technology” and one for “Technology and Computing”, which seem too similar.

(Richard Millington) #26

Thanks, let me work with the developers on this and find a solution to the rating and ranking problem which seems universally unpopular here :slightly_smiling_face: