Facebook Group Analytics

(Anne Bercilla) #1

I signed up for Grytics when I first started my FB community but am finding it’s not as intuitive to use as I’d hoped. There are random things I can’t do on Grytics that build up, e.g. not being able to tag people when scheduling a post. Have people found it to be super helpful, or, do people use a different tool to schedule posts/monitor analytics?

(Sarah Hawk) #2

@Bas_van_Leeuwen’s tool might be useful http://community-analytics.com/demo

I know that @hlinno @Charlotte_Moller_van @Yannis_P_Triantafyll @Zannybirch @tillycooper and @Mjbill all have Facebook experience. Also potentially @barefootinvestor

What analytics s/w do you use?