Examples of scubscription communities

Hey all - I’m looking for examples of subscription communities - members either pay monthly or for an annual subscription to gain full access to your online community. I’m doing research for a for-profit media company that wants to change the way they engage with their audience so staff would be heavily involved, posting content, creating education opportunities, etc. Having a community on a platform they control and having members pay for access will be brand new to the org so I’m trying to find examples of other communities that work like this. Understanding their successes and challenges would be very helpful.

Feel free to just share links to communities you are aware of that are similar to the above even if you don’t have their full story! Maybe you’re a member of something like this? :thinking:


Farnam Street, Epsilon Theory, and a lot of Substack newsletters are like that. Patreon too, anywhere the creator gets paid directly by their community. Crypto is an area you see this a lot as well with good and bad actors.

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Catherine, I run a paid subscription membership site for a media brand (Puttylike). It’s called the Puttyverse and you can see some of the public-facing elements here:

A key difference is that we’re a member-initiated community, meaning almost everything that happens is created and facilitated by our members. In other words, we practice Asset-Based Community Development.

We use WordPress for subscriptions (via WooCommerce), event management, and everything except the forums. We’ve integrated Discourse for that side of the platform.


I like what works by Tara Gentile. But you can’t access at all without a subscription.