Examples of community rules and FAQs needed

(Dale Reardon) #1

Another query after just buying the moderation guidelines. They weren’t quite what I thought - very necessary and I hadn’t even thought of them!

What I need first is the community rules and guidelines for laying down the rules to members. Do you have a template for those?


Advice on our Community landing page
(Sarah Hawk) #2

There are a few out in the wild that you could refer to. Here are some examples.

I’m sure others can add to the list.

(Katie Paffhouse Bussey) #3

Hi - I can email you our escalation policy, in case it helps. Can you send me your email?

(Dale Reardon) #4

dale AT settledin com au

Many thanks

(Katie Paffhouse Bussey) #5

Great - docs sent your way