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I know that @colleenyoung has recently recruited an entire team, and as luck would have it, her community is in the health sector. Have you got any templates or docs that you could share, Colleen?

Here are a few current ones that I’ve seen advertised lately, although none are in the health sector. They may help refine your template, and will likely be of use to others in the future.

ForumCommunityManager.pdf (58.0 KB)
CommunityEngagementManager.pdf (94.5 KB)
CommunityCommunicationsManager.pdf (84.0 KB)

Tagging in some other health sector practitioners @Robert_Pleticha @BetsyMc @Michael

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I also work in health and have the job description of the former community manager I could send you offline, if you can keep it confidential. Let me know!

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That would be great and I would of course keep it confidential. I have the frame of a description but trying to make sure I am not overlooking any key qualities I have not thought about - which is quite likely :slight_smile:

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If you’re comfortable posting it up here when you’re done @garthur (with info redacted if necessary), please do – that will add value to this topic for others in the future.

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Will do - great idea.

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Hey @garthur nice to e-meet you. We just interviewed new team members for the Social and Digital Innovation team some of whom will become community moderators. It’s un-necessarily complicated to explain, but the job opening wasn’t specifically for community management, thus I don’t have a template to share. During the interview process, however, I selected candidates based on specific community related questions, and those who showed promise were sent questions by email to submit written answers.

I have always liked Blais Grimes-Viort’s CM job description http://blaisegv.com/community-manager-careers/online-community-manager-job-description/ still relevant even though he wrote it in 2010.

Specifically for health communities, I want to know if the candidate is familiar with peer-to-peer health/connected health and patient communities. It is surprising how many people don’t really “believe” in the value and validity of patient knowledge exchange. I have also found it easier to coach people who have a patient or caregiver experience and/or people with a patient educator or social work background than communications specialists or marketers/social media managers. That is of course a sweeping generalization, and I’ve had many exceptions.

I would also want someone who is connected, who has social capital, who has empathy and knows how to connect people and build their capacity to help themselves and others.

What type of community do you have? What characteristics would you value in a community manager?

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Ok, this question is purely self-serving as I am looking for a new position and really want to hear more about this qualification. :slight_smile: I’m entering the job market after spending nearly a decade in the same job and I have to say, I have been terrible with my social accounts. Quite frankly, I was too busy with my job and family to focus on social. But is this what you mean, @colleenyoung? Someone who is active on social media? Or maybe you are looking more for people with good connections in the health industry? I’ve recently read that you can’t get a job today without an active linkedin and twitter presence. Is this true for CMs?

(Sorry if this derails, but hopefully the answer will also help @garthur when building out his job description. :))

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Having social capital is by no means limited to social media. Bringing a related network to the job can help, but more than that, I want to see that the candidate knows how to build a network. That network may be with business relationships, volunteer afflictions, etc. This is what I refer to as social capital.

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Great explanation - thanks, Colleen!

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Hello Colleen
Thanks so much for that link to the job description - it is very good and will help me greatly. Your advice is very much appreciated about the intrinsic skills on how to convey empathy and looking to someone who “gets” and believes in the value of peer to peer exchanges and enabling others to help themselves and others. I will certainly incorporate that thinking in our search.
We are a large health non-profit and expect to have several communities within our online peer to peer approach as we serve the needs of several “disease” areas. We have yet to define how these areas should be categorized. I don’t want to be too presumptive on this and want to see how the groups evolve as it may well not be just by “disease” but life stage or other category. Anyway, thanks again for your insights and suggestions. They are much appreciated.

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@garthur you might look at patientslikeme if you haven’t yet. I believe they have an interesting way of grouping their forums, rather than by condition they seem to be by symptom or type (like they have an immunity and infection community versus a hepatitis C one).

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Thanks for that suggestion, I will take a look that one.
Really appreciate the advice,

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Super late to this party. Here’s a sample job description I made for another project - maybe it will help as well :slight_smile: Community Manager Job Description.docx (111.2 KB)

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Well that was fast…
Since the last helpful suggestion on this thread I have been working (from time to time) on the description for our new online community manager. I wanted to thank all those who offered advice or thoughts and also post here the contents of the description - for either comments and advice or for others to use any of the language if they are in need of creating a similar posting anytime.
Thanks everyone
GavinOnline Community Manager Job Description for FeverBee Nov 2016.docx (27.4 KB)

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Brilliant, thanks for closing the loop. That looks like a well documented position.

I’m curious about this:

Demonstrated experience in social media strategy and developing online platforms

I would suggest that those are two very separate areas of expertise. I’m interested in why you grouped them.

(Gavin Arthur) #17

Hi Sarah
Good question
That line probably arose from the fact that while we have a social media team here in our Foundation they are not really able to help my team out on this work due to many other commitments.
So I was hoping to find someone with some experience with regards to using social media channels to promote and market the community(s) as well as the skills to develop the community from within
These things would have been better separated out – appreciate your thoughts and feedback,

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Hello folks
It has been a while since I asked for some help in putting together a job description for an online community manager. This in itself is probably a good topic of conversation - i.e how to get these online community programs off the ground in large and somewhat traditional non profit organizations that have not previously offered them.

Anyhow - the job description I had asked for advice on is now up and live so I will be sure to loop back and maybe also offer insights on the process of finding a good fit for a “health focused” online community.
The posting is here if anyone is interested in its content etc



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Exciting times! Best of luck finding someone amazing.