Evidence about the value of bringing super users together


(Lacey Horta) #1

Hi @richard_millington and all!

Just wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of articles or research that speaks to the value of bringing super users together in person for engagement and training purposes.

We are looking to bring our super users together and this would be so helpful!


(Luis Villa) #2

I admit I just take this for granted? I’ve never seen a successful community that doesn’t do this. But my sample may be skewed, and certainly not aware of any writing on the subject.

(Lacey Horta) #3

Hi @luisvilla

Would love to chat about training that you provide!

(Natasha Schön) #4

Hey Lacey,

I recently read quite a good article on medium about how to empower people in your community to become active co-creators. They also mentioned meeting up in person:

" — Interactive event formats organized by members

In most communities some form of in-person gathering is at the core of the membership experience. If you want your members to be active participants, choose event formats where people can actively participate. I continue to be surprised how many communities choose traditional one-way event formats with speakers, panels and a passive audience. You get what you design for.

Most event formats are not rocket science to organize. What if most events in your community would be organized by a member? Imagine the creativity and scale this could unlock.

To enable volunteer-run events, it is important to keep event formats simple and cheap. In order to connect in a meaningful way, you don’t need a fancy location and a beverage sponsor. All you need is someone’s home and everyone bringing food along. However, keeping events simple and low-budget doesn’t mean that they have to be boring. Quite the opposite: if everyone in your community is empowered to organize one, it is unavoidable that people will come up with some amazing new ideas."

Full article: https://medium.com/@pforti/8-ways-to-empower-people-to-show-up-as-active-co-creators-in-your-community-1f3454cc82a6.

I hope this helps a bit!