Evernote Community blog post

(Nick Emmett) #1

Got this blog post in my Feedly feed this morning from Evernote, I’d be interested in your thoughts:

You may not realize it, but as an Evernote user you’re part of a global community comprising millions of people—entrepreneurs, students, creative professionals, and everything in between. Every week, members of our community come together in school rooms, event halls, or online to bond and be inspired. They share tips and tricks, celebrate successes, and help each other become more effective with Evernote.

Interesting, I was sucked in by the mention of Community as I skim read this morning. but was left thinking - hang on a second, I’m not really part of a community of users, I don’t interact with anyone about it, I don’t go to an Evernote Community etc etc.
Then this:

Want in? We invite you to learn about Evernote events in your area—or create and share your own—through the new Evernote events calendar.

No mention of the actual forums itself, but a calendar! The instructions around setting up an event included creating an Evernote forums account! The first I’d heard of it, but hey - I’m in now, let’s see what happens!

Thought it was interesting a) how they positioned what Community is and b) that they got me interested in their actual forums by telling me about events.

What do you guys think?

(Doug Agee) #2

Yeah. I have been in there a few time and have an “account”. It is a fairly good knowledge base but that is about it. I did not experience much in the way of community. But let me tell you about their premium services…

(JoeBuhlig) #3

Have you heard about work chat?!

(Doug Agee) #4

I have not tried work chat. We use Slack, but we have small departments which makes it simple. Our department of 4 members uses Asana to manage projects tasks. Have you tried work chat @JoeBuhlig?

(JoeBuhlig) #5

I should probably apologize for that. There’s a running joke about work chat across Twitter. There for a while it was almost impossible to do anything in Evernote without being asked to try work chat. I was being a bit facetious. :wink: