EU Copyright Directive, Article 11 and Article 13

(Robert McIntosh) #1

How many of you are looking into the issues surrounding the upcoming changes to EU copyright rules?

We’ve already had to take on board GDPR but in some ways this could be more impactful. There is a possibility that all ‘platforms’ (i.e. communities) will be made responsible to police any content shared on them in order to enforce copyright for newspapers and other content sites. This relates not just to music and video, but news and images too.

This could be very expensive for small and medium sites, and will potentially make us beholden to a limited set of enforcement AI tools that we’ll have to incorporate into the technology of our sites.

If you have not read about it yet, check out the article posted on Wikipedia (who objects to this rule and even had their Italian site ‘go dark’ today in protest).

If you live in the EU, it is worth writing to your MEP as well.

(Robert McIntosh) #2

Some good news for a change