Enterprise Community / Testimonials Page

Hi everyone
A couple of weeks ago I run an initiative to collect testimonials from the community to infuse some energy into our R&D and Product Teams.

The goal was to capture the stories of members and how our product changed their lives.

After receiving 80 testimonials from all over the world, from people with different backgrounds, I realize that this has huge potential to become something long term in the community.

So I’m floating the idea of launching a testimonials page like this one at salesforce https://trailhead.salesforce.com/trailblazers.

Does anyone here have something like this in your community?

After reading People Don’t Stick Around Without An Emotional Commitment I feel this would be something that could have a great impact on adoption and also spark emotional commitments towards the community.

Any thoughts?


Hi Vera–I like this idea and think it’s worth a try. I have been doing Member Profile Stories in my community so members can learn more about each other. My community is private but I am thinking if I get some testimonials as you suggested, I could feature them on the public page and perhaps improve my Join conversions once potential members get a peek at who is inside.

Thanks for the idea.

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